Accountability Means The Past Counts

One of the greatest travesty’s of modern rhetorical warfare is the way we’ve let the past become irrelevant.  Any crime committed more than a year ago becomes “old news”, and bringing it back up again forces us to carry heavy labels like “bitter” or “sore loser”.

To truly embrace the radical act of holding our leaders accountable for their actions we must forgo any sort of impact those charges might have on us.  They are false on their face and ought to be banished with an economical expression of scorn.  Our time and energy are best used letting the barbs of polite society slide by while we go right for the throat.  In the case of actions we deeply oppose, such as starting a war based on lies, or stealing the 2000 election, we cannot and must not drop the ball.  Every power player involved on the wrong team must be held accountable.

This is especially true when politicians refuse to admit to their mistakes and proceed to repeat them.

The obvious casualties of the past’s death as a valid political topic have been: confidence in our electoral system, separation of powers, freedom of speech, habeus corpus, and a host of other topics that form the backbone of a free society.  But at the very core the loss is felt when we are unable or unwilling to make effective arguments when the dogs of the past rear their heads anew to tear at the flesh of our country.

Holding a politician to the fire for their crimes and misdeeds is powerful political theater and makes for a damning counter-argument.  If we want to win, we must hold accountable those who abuse their power.  If we want to hold anyone accountable at all, the past must count.


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  1. Great post. It really irritates me when people talk about those who should have never signed up for the mortgages they have.

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