Media Can’t Let Go of Hillary as VP

I guess flat out lying is ok in the opinion section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  That’s how Marianne Means sets up her ridiculous on its face argument that Barack Obama is a selfish little brat who needs to offer Clinton the VP to be appropriately “gracious”.

Despite their publicized gestures of making nice, too many folks on both sides of the Democratic divide aren’t buying that baloney. The principals themselves are trying to stay above all that, but they aren’t sending sufficiently strong signals about really wanting to work together in the interests of the party — and their own futures.

Translation:  They are not spending every waking minute bashing the mainstream media over the head with the fact that they are working together.

At a Manhattan fund-raiser for both politicians last week, Obama acknowledged that “with just half a wing this bird can’t fly.” Indeed, that is the risk he takes by insisting on going it alone without her as his running mate.

Picking her would solve so many problems. It raises serious doubts about his judgment that he refuses to do so, the chief question being a dangerously outsized ego.

The ego at play here does not belong to Barack.  Melanie has nothing to go on here.  As former President Carter noted, an Obama/Clinton ticket would have the weaknesses of both.  It would be a poor choice indeed, and not simply because we’d lose yet another voice in the Senate.

In fact, it is so far beyond the bounds of good politics for Obama to pick his former rival for the vp slot, that it seems more likely the manufactured vp dilemma is just an opportunity to hammer Obama about perceived character flaws.  Flaws that cannot be backed up.

In a field of politicians who have made the wrong call on the issues of Iraq, Iran, our civil rights, health care, and the economy, Barack Obama’s greatest strength is his good judgment.  His ability to make good calls stands in such stark contrast to his Republican rival that even when he does screw up he still looks amazingly impressive by comparison.

As it is, Melanie’s column is left stretching for fact-like substitutes:

He called her “Mrs. Clinton,” as though they had barely met. Women sense this disdain, and naturally don’t like it. He has had a hard time attracting the support of older, working-class white women in most states that Clinton won.

Perhaps (when they ran head to head), it wasn’t Obama’s lack of appeal so much as Clinton’s appeal to a generation of women who fought foundational battles.

But this is a toughie — no party has had a roll call with two candidates since the 1976 Republican convention, when President Gerald Ford beat Ronald Reagan by a mere 57 votes to secure the nomination. But the Obama folks are greedy. Why won’t she release her delegates now, they grouse.

Why should she? She’s earned them. Clinton delegates could strike a sour note. Obama better get used to sour notes, though, if he’s really got the stuff to be president. Last time we checked, this was still a democracy — messy, loud, and imperfect, but a democracy.

Here we get to the hell hound eaten, rotted out intestinal core of her argument.  Obama supporters are greedy little fascists, and Clinton supporters are ardent supports of Democracy and apple pie.


The Hillary supporters who are still pushing for her nomination have bought into and identified with the sense of entitlement Clinton gave off like a thousand watt aura during the campaign.  Obama’s supporters (old and recent), have a mix of motivations.  First among them, for myself, is to end the infighting and move forward with the centrist establishment candidate we ended up settling on, and focus on beating the shit out of McCain in the general election.

And with that as the goal, Barack Obama would be gravely mistaken to pick Hillary Clinton ad Vice President to be.  He should be thinking about a non federal Senator/Representative who brings something valuable to the table without taking it away from the Democratic party’s power as a whole.


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  1. You are spot on. Hillary would be disastrous choice for VP, see why at

  2. I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Go on, Hillary!

  3. commentspage,
    Even the most avid Hillary fans are simply withholding support until the convention, to make a last ditch effort to win the fight there. I believe your comment smells more like Republican troll than Clintonista.

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