Healthcare for America NOW!

Oh Hell YES.  MoveOn and a massive coalition of political groups asks the question on Healthcare: Which Side Are You On?

The time is now for an American solution that will secure our families’ health and a healthy economy.

The first order of business for the new President and Congress in 2009 should be to pass health care legislation that guarantees quality, affordable health care for all.

We are asking everyone to tell us which side you are on

From the email sent out:

If Obama wins, will we be ready to fix this outrageous system and achieve health care for everyone? Not unless we start laying the groundwork now.

The Health Care for America Now campaign fuses together the power of MoveOn and leading labor unions, community organizations, think tanks, women’s groups, doctors, nurses, and small businesses.

We all remember how the famous “Harry and Louise” TV ad helped kill the Clintons’ health care plan.1 You can bet HMOs and private insurance companies will block change again—unless we beat them to the punch.

Health Care for America Now will hammer home the outrageous, immoral behavior of the private insurance companies toward sick people in need of medical care. We’ll make it impossible for them to torpedo health care reform again. And we’ll force members of Congress to go on the record—for or against health care for everyone.

This is an outstanding, practical, kick ass idea.  I like every part of this campaign, right down to the rhetoric.  Which Side Are You On is a brilliant choice to make the battle lines sharp.  Here’s the Dropkick Murphys doing Boston proud and covering Pete Seeger live:

I’m incredibly pumped about this.  Its past time we make health care a right.  No more discrimination based on prior illness.  No more coverage gaps for the millions of uninsured children in America.  We can change the face of Health Care and literally save the lives of thousands and improve the quality of life for millions. is asking for funding to help run this campaign.  You can contribute directly the coalition here.  I just did.

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