Good Reads 10-07-08

Secrecy News has insights into the FISA bill.

Democrats may give in on offshore drilling (DailyKos).

A fascinating look at Dawkins, Atheism, and Religious Scientists over at Pandagon.  I now really want to read the “The God Delusion” in public for the discussions it could spur.

Carly Fiorina, the HP exec who is angling for a VP slot, disagrees with McCain on the basic issue of health care coverage for the pill.  As Ann points out, the language she uses “women would like a choice” is exactly what she shouldn’t use “when she’s stumping for a candidate who is blatantly anti-choice“.

Bluegal has the video, according to a supporter McCain understands the working class because he wants to ensure they have marshmellows.  And they said his tax-free summer plan was a shoddy gimick, hah!

Karynthia at the Angry Black Woman has a piece up on the impact of voting for McCain.

Evil Bender: A Grand Jury convened by petition against an abortion provider does not indict.

Finally a really interesting exploration of the problem of anti-semetic rhetoric in discussions of Israel and Palestine by the-girl-detective at Feministe.

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