Hillary’s Supporters and Party Unity

This is brilliant (thebruceblog):

Hillary is a Democrat. She embraces and champions Democratic causes. She continues in the Senate wanting to advance the Democratic agenda. She said from the very beginning of the primaries, she wants a unified party in the fall and that the differences between her and Obama “pale in comparison” to McCain.

So all her “supporters” who don’t vote the ticket this fall are actually spitting in Hillary’s face. If McCain wins, that means Hillary’s work in the Senate is that much harder. Her “supporters” have just given her a mountain to climb as she’ll have to push back against yet another Republican-controlled White House and agenda.

I’m not a blind supporter of Obama myself (as Obama’s supporters are often painted).  I came over to his camp once Edwards was finished, and am proud to criticize the Senator when he makes mistakes, just as surely as I am proud to support him for the ideals and substance he represents.  I understand that this is an important battle, and further for many us and those we care deeply for, a life or death battle.  Whether our troops die needlessly in war, whether citizens of the world’s richest country are denied health care, whether or not medical research is held hostage to religious conservatives.  All of these issues and more are at stake.  And on all of them Hillary Clinton stands with Barack Obama.

The PUMA contigent who claim the mantle of liberalism in Hillary’s name are only showing how mockingly they wear it.  Party unity is not a joke or a sticking point.  Barack Obama didn’t win in a back door deal, as PUMA members often insinuate.  Clinton gave up a mathematically impossible crusade after being sweet-talked down by party members with consolation prizes for coming in second place.

Another claim is Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  She did not.  Obama did (though just barely).

Hillary Clinton lost.  But her politics and her principles don’t need to.  Supporting McCain is, as thebruceblog accurately points out, spitting in the face of what Hillary Clinton continues to stand for as a Democratic member of congress.

We need to come together, and we need to win.


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  1. Thanks for quoting me and directing people to my blog. And thanks more for your own words. You have a sane approach and elucidate the point well.

    We have a bit in common: I, too, was first an Edwards supporter. I feel that after the loss in 2004, he came into his own. He realized the Democrats lost because they had no balls. He’s said as much. And many of us readily agreed. It was a favorite subject of Bill Maher and other great voices, right?

    Well, Edwards found his spine after that and embraced what he stood for. He championed attacking poverty in this country – who in the hell even voices that anymore? Not since RFK I don’t think. And Edwards also voiced how corporations have a stranglehold on this country and he’s going after them. Hillary never said that. Obama never even stated it as clearly as Edwards did. Edwards understood himself and was going to voice his agenda, even at his own peril. (And by the way, I was proud we had a great Democratic primary field. It made the Republicans look pretty sad. Their own party was lackluster about their field of players.)

    I was expecting to vote for Edwards in the CA primary, and when he pulled out after SC, I was in a conundrum. I could have “voted Edwards” out of “solidarity” or some obsessed attachment (sounds familiar?), and even though I live in California and I know we’ll end up being Democratic in November, took my vote very seriously. I was truly torn. I finally gave my vote to Hillary because having watched her try to tackle getting universal healthcare as FIrst Lady, I know she grew and learned well from that. I still say she probably knows the issue like no one else. So I did give my vote to her because of her experience. For however anyone wants to criticize her, the woman holds a lot of understanding and knowledge. When living in NY I voted to get her into the Senate because I knew she’d fight for important causes.

    But after the “first” Super Tuesday when she expected to clean up, and O basically tied, and then after his numerous back-to-back victories, she began attacking him and things started getting ugly (at least in my opinion). I watched Obama during this time hold a steady keel and maintain a lot of grace-under-fire. I’m not saying he was perfect, but I tuned into him as a candidate. And I observed the process, and what they had to say.

    I finally moved over to supporting him as a very natural progression: he became the one that inspired me. I felt he was offering me a better vision and opportunity. And as I’ve said on my blog, he’s still a politician, they all are. I hold him accountable. I’ll be the first to criticize him on some things. I’m not holding him on a pedestal. And if anyone holds a candidate on one, then you’ve sold yourself out. How many people sold their souls to Bush, only to regret it later?

    But I do feel Obama is someone I can trust. Despite the fact he doesn’t have 1000 years of experience – vision, leadership and good judgment are the best qualifications for the job. And for me, he’s got them.

    And let’s all understand, however he portrays himself, he understands that to achieve change, there has to be compromise as well. Washington’s a tough game to play. Obama is shrewd. He knows he’ll have to pick his battles as anyone else has had to do.

    And for those who think that talking with your enemies is foreign policy weakness and a “liberal” position, then somehow they need to justify Richard Nixon, who, for whatever the many varied motivations there may have been, sought to engage diplomacy with both Russia and China during the Cold War.

    Sorry, I meant to have left a comment, not another post – but it’s your fault, you got me going!

    Yes, here’s to winning in November.

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