Name One Thing Obama’s Accomplished

That’s the question I got on the metro when I wore my Obama shirt to the 4th of july fireworks.  It’s a very good question to answer, because it provides an opportunity to lay to rest the lingering fear that Obama is an empty suit, a newcomer with little experience and even less to show for it.

That’s certainly the right wing noise machine’s spin (and the one Hillary Clinton adopted during the primaries), but its not even close to the truth.  So here are a few of Barack Obama’s notable accomplishments.

First, bills sponsored.  About 126 as of 7-06-2008 according to Thomas.  A couple of those leap right out.  Theres S.453 to prohibit deceptive practices in Federal elections.  Or S.674 to add accountability and oversight to security contractors.  Barack has a couple bills to his name to bolster and protect the quality of care veterans recieve (And no, John McCain is not a co-sponsor!).

He’s got bills to ensure access to polls for voters, to , tackle the spread of AIDS and other STDs, spur research into medicinal genomics, and help low income veterens secure housing.

Barack has sponsored a host of bills relating to tackling our dependence on oil, including one to increase fuel economy standards.  He even has a bill to ensure proper oversight of hazardous materials in imported children’s toys!

Looking through the search results alone one sees efforts to take care of veterans, the environment, the economy, education, and the basic structure and integrity of the democratic process.

If you are out campaigning for Barack Obama, actively or passively, and this question comes up, take a moment and smile.  Even if you stick to sponsored legislation, you have your pick of answers.


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  1. There is a huge difference between signing on to CO-SPONSOR someone else’s bill and actually advancing legislation through the Senate that YOU are the primary sponsor of.

  2. And a bill alone is nothing if you can’t get it passed

  3. kriskovacs,
    Interesting site (clearly Republican, dig the mix of the personal).
    Did you look at the bills? He’s the sponsor.

    And frankly, co-sponsoring a bill helps advance it, and its pretty telling McCain didn’t sign on to any of Barack’s veterans bills. So much for taking care of the troops.

    Barack Obama has helped pass a number of bills, including (Thanks Kate!) Google for Government.

  4. Great post. Here’s another I found that is worth reading:

  5. […] Name One Thing Obama’s Accomplished […]


    “Statistics: Barack Obama has sponsored 132 bills since Jan 4, 2005, of which 119 haven’t made it out of committee (Average) and 2 were successfully enacted (Average)”


    “Statistics: John McCain has sponsored 537 bills since Jan 21, 1993, of which 340 haven’t made it out of committee (Extremely Poor) and 31 were successfully enacted (Exceedingly Good, relative to peers).”

    Sponsoring/Cosponsoring a bill means nothing, it’s whether you can get it passed that counts.

    You can sponsor anything Case in Point But it doesn’t mean much if it goes nowhere (thought you’d like that one)

  7. kriskovacs,
    What you pass matters.

    Its interesting that so many of McCain’s bills have been stuck in committee. What is even more intriguing is that Obama’s have largely been trapped in committee. Roughly 60% of McCain’s bills vs roughly 90% of Obama’s! I think that has a little bit to do with what has passed.

    Sponsoring and co-sponsoring do matter, a lot. To suggest otherwise is to ignore the foundation that makes passing a bill possible, along with the impact of writing innovative and important laws and resolutions. The impeachment bill you linked is an excellent example of a brave man making a stand. While frankly I think at this point we ought to wait until he’s out of office and convict the felon, I deeply respect Kucinich for bringing that bill to the floor, even when it has no chance of passing.

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