Pharmacists For Controlling Your Sex Life

The group Pharmacists for Life International wants to control wombs.  They stand against personal freedom in the name of utter nonsense.  As always, the surprise comes when you consider that these folks are allowed to operate at all.  Refusing to sell contraceptives to women is by any practical measure as prejudicial as refusing to serve women.

That said, I got a kick out of this little exchange with Feministing.  So inspired, being a web developer professionally, I took a look at their website.


Now as a professional, I immediately dug the animated gifs and the simple yet adventurous with fonts design.  But I thought, could the site possibly be using tables…. oh yes it is!  You can’t make websites using technology at the same historical level as their view of women’s rights, but this is damn close.


A little google and whois later, I found this gem.  The webmaster’s site:  Its practically candy mountain (The Beak):

A client scanning Dr. Kuhar’s website might question if “Traditional Catholic social princples” not only include rejecting all ideas of family planning and birth control but also spelling and grammar check. Some of the “quality products” American Pro-Life Enterprise sells include “non-sterile” latex gloves for situations requiring “santitary conditions.” APLE also sells thermometers for “arising temperatures” and supplies to make one’s own homemade “yogourt.” Someone seeing Dr. Kuhar’s website might question his intellectual abilities and, subsequently, his staunch defense of an organization life PFLI.

That was posted in 2004.

What’s surprising isn’t that people have ideas like this.  Psychotic people are a fact of life.  What’s insane is that here it is, 2008, and Dr. Kuhar and his bretherin have gone from homemade yogurt and pharmacists refusing to sell contraceptives to pharmacies spreading racism, lies, and more lies all while slamming the Bible in the face of any woman trying to obtain reproductive health products.

Who will be in control of your sex life in 2012?


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  1. Your little geekiness break totally made my day. I remembered a note my brother wrote to a website (the brother in question is a graphic designer/web developer) saying “if you want anyone to have even the slightest interest in what you are selling, you might want to use something other than FrontPage to make your website.”

    As far as the further content of your post, I’m always astonished at these people. If you have an ethical barrier to doing your job, get another career. Society as a whole dictates what is or isn’t moral standing in said society. Individual members do not and never should have this ability.

  2. Amen Lindsey, Amen!

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