MoveOn’s Powerful New Anti War, Anti McCain Ad

In a request for support, notes that this ad tests especially well.  It isn’t hard to see why.  I can see this becoming a viral meme.  Youtube videos where mothers, father, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandparents, and significant others add their voice to the cry of “No, you can’t have the ones I love for your war”.

There are children still working there way up through school, who will one day be memories that evoke a choking, painful sense of loss.

The calm yet fierce defiance of Alex’s mother has a familiar feel to it.  This is our will to protect the ones we love from senseless bloodshed.’s work is an ad I am proud to get behind.


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  1. And it is not like you can make a counter argument with the same image. Nobody is stupid enough (ok most people) to put their babies in front of the camera and say that they will sacrifice them for a politician.

  2. that’s an anti-military ad for more than one reason. first, no matter who is elected, by the time that kid is old enough to serve, neither McCain or Obama would be president. Additionally, the only way anyone would get theirs hands on that kid is if there were a draft and there will never be one of those in our lifetime. just more of MoveOn’s propaganda. the good thing is that by 18 his mother can’t say jack-sh*t about his signing up. hopefully, he will want to serve this country in some manner that might include the military.

  3. jcrue,
    You’ve utterly missed the point of the ad. It is simply that a man with a severe reality comprehension problem wants to lead this nation, and has advocated an essentially endless state of war. His election would set that damnable machinery in motion, so looking further into the future than 4 years makes plenty of sense.

    Furthermore, your dismissal of the possibility of a draft is premature and utterly devoid of backing. What makes you so confident? We are fighting two wars and are stretched to our limit. McCain wants to fight at least one more war with Iran. The middle east could erupt into a regional disaster area. Meanwhile China continues to grow more powerful and threatening. With our current course (and a McCain Presidency would extend it) we are headed for a huge military personnel shortage. Either we stop engaging in self destructive wars, or we start drafting. That’s plain math at work.

  4. Awesome! Great ad.

  5. This ad won’t run well for Obama. Why? Because the 100 years comment was so obviously lifted from its proper context as to make its peddlers look foolish. It is obvious that McCain is anticipating the ability to bring peace and order to Iraq (he might be right, he might be wrong). His 100 years quote assumes a situation analogous to our six decade long stay in Western Europe and Japan.

    “’s work is an ad I am proud to get behind.”

    I sure hope you aren’t proud of this blatant attempt to abuse a quote out of context.

    Even a non-partisan source like found a similar ad run by the DNC to be completely misleading.

  6. But why compare it to Western Europe and Japan? I heard this comparison but it has no logical basis what so ever.

  7. But the essence of the comment is simple. The U.S. went to Iraq to stay. Which begs the question, why?

  8. Daisy, I agree!

    that is an interesting point. I still think it is a very effective and well made ad. isn’t always a paragon of accuracy. That said, I think the ad is so powerful because it uses the quote as a setup for what is, frankly, the emotional manipulation at the end. A mother defending her baby. Literally.

    I think its very sharply crafted, and will play well.

    As for the quote, given McCain’s positions on Iraq, Iran, and his assessments of progress thus far, he really is a candidate advocating for the same “long war” Bush’s co coined.

    If the factcheck info is correct, and let’s assume it is, it shows that McCain is moving us ever closer towards empire. You need troops for that.

    That is a *very* interesting question. Why did we go there to stay? It suggests its a regional control thing.

  9. “That is a *very* interesting question. Why did we go there to stay? It suggests its a regional control thing.”

    Perhaps we can find an issue to agree on in figuring out a way to render the Middle East’s oil supply less important to our national security? 😉 Perhaps a compromise that involves more domestic oil exploration, an assortment of conservation measures, research into alternative fuels, more refineries, increased nuclear power (I live not too far from a nuclear plant myself), increased fuel efficiency requirements, and tax benefits for those investing in small higher mileage cars paired with tax penalties for those purchasing lower mileage vehicles.

  10. Hydrogen power is the key. We can make it at home for $0.30/gal. It only emits water vapor and is very efficient making (current) engines last longer. The talk of carbon tax and penalty taxes means so much (in ignorance) when we are in a recession/depression, just break our backs with another fee??? After all it is a “fee country” (leave out the ‘r’ for redundancy)

    ALERT!!! MORE WAR MONGERING: When Cheney stated that he couldn’t understand why Iran needed to pursue nuclear power when they were sitting on so much oil, he really should of thought how hypocritical he was being as the same could be said more so about the U.S.

    We have more inland, untapped oil than we need right here in the U.S. Montana has an amazing amount by herself. It’s all too weird….

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