Obama’s Contract With US

Obama is the nominee.  I’m not so much excited at this point, as relieved, and hopeful the messy Democratic primary process will ease up as Clinton learns to let go and we all move on to fight Bush’s heir John McCain.

That said, please don’t think my support for Obama is without qualification.  I originally preferred John Edwards (Actually I *really* wanted Elizabeth Edwards to run).  I still find Obama’s original support for Lieberman during the primary to have been problematic.  But I’m in, I’m watching, and I know the stakes.

Same for a lot of folks.

But for many there is an even deeper connection.  Some people are in politics now because of Barack Obama.  And if Obama does not deliver, if he does not fight, that same energy and action will turn against him and the Democratic party.  A man who inspires invites an unspoken contract of sincerity, and it is one the electorate will take seriously.  We do not want another 4-8 years of Bush.  We need a President who will fix our broken electoral system and restore confidence in the process (and our voice).  A President who will champion civil and human rights.  A President who will think before he bombs, who will listen to economists and take meaningful, long term steps to stabilize and grow our economy.  I believe Barack Obama is that man, and I’ll be behind him 100% as he stands against McCain in the general election.


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  1. Well lets hope that most Americans will do the same as you and vote for Obama.

    It seems around the world Obama is the favoured president, over McCain. Unfortunately it’s not so clear in America.

  2. Oz,
    I’m hopeful. And I am fortunate to live in a battleground state. We’ll fight hard on this one.

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