McCain’s Close Connection to his Radical Preachers

When Obama distanced himself, John McCain has closed the distance between himself and theocratic preachers with radical agendas.  Via Elizabeth:

With all of this coverage of Rev. Wright, why is it we never hear about John McCain’s fraternization with the radical preachers John Hagee and Rod Parsley? Hagee made headlines in 2005 for saying that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for hosting a gay pride parade. And now Mother Jones has published footage from one of Parsley’s sermons where he claims that “America was founded in part with the intention of seeing this false religion [Islam] destroyed.” Watch the whole clip:

Unlike Obama, who has tried to distance himself from Wright, McCain actively sought out the endorsements of Hagee and Parsley. He has not repudiated their bigoted remarks, and continues to make public appearances with them. And yet, not a word from the mainstream media.

That would be the John Hagee behind the crazy church visiited undercover by a reporter for Rolling Stone.

Living Liberally has a list of the “10 most outrageous quotes” from McCain’s preachers.  You’d think given McCain’s close political relationship with these men, the media could spare some time and space to report a little.


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