Bullshitting Against Feminism

In an otherwise sharp post (a professor suing students?  wtf?), hairybeast let’s loose some really smelly bull:

Back in the 1980’s, feminists ran into a scientific wall. Their assertion that the genders were equal in all things (aside from certain surface physical abilities) began springing leaks when science departments on campus (who had originally been recruited to prove the truth of this) started collecting data that belied this article of feminist faith. Like a series of underground A-Bomb tests, the controversy rumbled below the surface for years. The controversy pitted geeky science profs against hairy-legged feminists (neither likely to get laid by the opposite sex) and became so toxic that womens studies departments even picketed their own science departments. But most of the battle was conducted in faculty meetings, with feminists flexing their political muscle to squelch research projects they now knew were likely to produce results inimical to their faith, or throw heretics out of the bunker (*Cough! Larry Summers!). But the truth eventually leaked out.


The sexes (sex being physiological, gender being pyschological) do have differences.  Women have a slightly larger corpus callousum.  They don’t have a smaller forebrain.  They don’t have a shriveled husk of a hippocampus.  In short, the idea of a biological basis for any observable differences in the performance of men and women in particular fields isn’t supported.  Not by science anyway.  But pop science might have a few pointers for desperate anti-feminists.  Speaking of desperate, what’s with the hairy legged feminist stereotype?  Seriously, you’re breaking that out hairybeast?  And they have trouble getting laid?  Nice.  Way to imply this professor just needs to get laid.  Haven’t heard misogynistic tripe like that before.  Very original sir.

The only truth about differences between the sexes is the very real barriers our society constructs and heavily reinforces.  And that is a truth far too many people refuse to acknowledge, let alone tackle.

Having taken classes where a professor considered disagreement with his politics evidence of lack of effort on the part of the student, I think what this professor did was incredibly stupid and shitty.  Why couldn’t hairybeast have pointed that out without trotting out an irrational hatred of women and liberals?  (all while accusing the same of irrationality with a deeply seated irony.  Bonus.)


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  1. I’m so distracted by the “hairy legged feminist” and the professors needing to get laid that I can hardly evaluate the paragraph as a whole.

    When are people going to figure out that if they want to make a rational argument they can’t use stereotypical generalizations? The entirety of the thing is easily ignored now. Ha.

  2. So in the firefighter example, of the carrying test weights up and down the ladder to become a firefighter, why has the test weight been lowered to 150 lbs from 200 (lowering the bar to meet the “equality” guidelines)? I weigh more than 150 lbs, if a woman firefighter needs to carry me down and we both fall to our deaths who wins this argument??

    I’m not supporting hairybeasts article but Dan you really are shortsighted.

  3. People can’t seem to let go of this “difference must equal deficiency” mindset. There are real biological differences attached to men and women, but there are no normative implications that should emerge from that.

  4. Lindsey,
    It detracts from the argument. Folks who don’t remember end up losing impact as a price.

    Michael D,
    I was just talking about mental differences. This guy’s post brings up the old canard about female irrationality. I think you missed that.

    There are indeed, but strictly speaking about comparative neurology, those differences are minute. There is nothing to suggest women have an underlying biological difference that translates to poor performance in math (which is where Larry Summers was headed).

  5. I guess I did miss that. Sorry.

  6. If I took a guess I would think my hairy friend was using hyperbole. He has a tendency to try and engage in observational humor. Step back a foot or two.

    I do find your blog interesting and engaging Dan, if I may say so.

  7. yeah and thanks for the link.

  8. The hairy legged feminists running around on campus were never as scary to me as the hairy armpit ones that were occasional sighted migrating from one class to the other in sundresses. (shiver)

  9. Michael D,
    No worries.
    Ah. I’ve never read a blog post that was pure hyperbole before. The blog itself has a very interesting array of opinions and links in one place!
    Sure thing.
    Do you shave your armpits? If not, then I’m pretty sure that means you are a feminist.

  10. “I’ve never read a blog post that was pure hyperbole before.”

    That comment seems a bit hyperbolic itself, nicht wahr?

  11. heh. perhaps. But that post was quite over the top sir hairy.

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