The Truth About Elitists

The elitist slander on Obama is a favorite slur hurled on dangerously electable Democrats.  Amanda (Pandagon) nails it (emphasis mine):

This piece is a really shining example of how Rove’s moronic impulses are why he’s loved. Even the dumbest internet denizens would realize that this is very silly concern trolling. Right off the bat, he pushes the “elitist” slur, which sadly is so stupid it will probably take in the media, because black is white and up is down and the people who are fighting for greater justice and equality are more elitist than those who try to lift up the rich and stomp down everyone else.

The playing field is titled, twisted and bent horribly.  Those who prefer it stay this way are called free market enthusiasts, capitalists, libertarians.  Then there’s the Republicans, who want to warp the economic playground into further deeps and narrows, hoping enough sharp edges will provide the wealthy with the blood they need to stay rich forever.  Yet it is the Democrats (the people who want to at the very least smooth markets to the point where fairness, real competition and sustainability are not sardonic jokes) who are branded elitist.  Its the worst sort of insanity mixed with enough high fructose media product to be readily consumable by the ignorant and gullible masses.  And as long as we keep ingesting, that’s what we’ll remain.  Fucking peasants.  How ironic, when our birthright as human beings and Americans is that of citizen.

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