Boycott Girl Scout Cookies

The charge is being led by two rather impressive girl scouts (Green Daily):

Two Girl Scouts in Ann Arbor, MI say that they’re no longer willing to peddle the sugary and addictive treats, because they contain environmentally destructive ingredients. While completing their research to earn a Girl Scout Bronze Award, Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen discovered that one of the most beloved — and up until now guilt free — brand of cookies has a major environmental dark side. They say that the ingredients inside Girl Scout cookies are killing the Indonesian rainforest.

The culprit in this case is palm oil, the cultivation of which is responsible for the clearing of massive stretches of East Asian rainforests. Apparently, the girls found it particularly disturbing that the farming was endangering the habitat of Indonesian orangutans. Latching onto a sympathetic species is always a good way to promote conservation — these are some smart Girl Scouts. They’ve got a website up and everything, very informative.

Admirable stuff.  I also dig the messaging of the website.  At the top is the phrase “kids can do it”, at the bottom, “you can do it”.  Its a small thing to do.  Next trip to the grocery, check out the ingredients when picking up anything with a nutrition box on the packaging (an educational activity anyway).  If you see palm oil, make a note of it and put it back.

Odd note, palm oil has a lobby.


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  1. sorry but caramel delites are too damn good.

  2. I hate Girl Scout cookies, they taste like $HT!

  3. Wow, isn’t it nice to know that we live in a world where people care more about sugary junk then actually making a difference. Why don’t you write a letter asking the GS to take palm oil out of their cookies because you love them but wish they didn’t have palm oil?

  4. Annie, are you referring to brian’s comment, or the usefulness of this issue? If the former, good point. If the latter, I think this is a very important act for these girls. The environment is one of the most pressing issues facing us today, and also, their civic involvement is both impressive and admirable.

  5. oops! sorry that was for brian’s comment. i compleletely agree with these girls!

  6. aha! Sweet.

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