Fuck Harry Reid

Fuck you Harry Reid.  Fuck you for letting Republicans in sheep’s clothing turn the Democratic party into the spineless quivering mass of cowardice and intellectual pus it is today (Pam, Pandagon):

The Hill article also notes that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), despite Lieberman’s cleaving to Bush/McCain-lite positions, is going to protect the Connecticut Senator’s seniority re: chairmanship even if the Dems manage to pick up several seats in the fall, no matter what Rethug posturing Holy Joe does.

“I can tell you Sen. Reid had talked to me a few times and said he knows there will be talk if we get more than 51 Democrats next year,” Lieberman told The Hartford Courant this month. “As far as he is concerned, I will retain my seniority, et cetera, no matter how many Democrats there are next year.”Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman, said he would not comment on the senator’s private conversations, but acknowledged that the two men spoke.

When asked Tuesday if Lieberman’s chairmanship was at risk next Congress, Reid said succinctly: “No.”

We have enough problems with Democrats who think the word liberal is dirty.  We don’t need an ass who thinks the word Democrat is even worse.  His support for Bush and Bush II (McCain) is a betrayal of the principles the Democratic party should stand for.

If we get more than 51 Democrats, Lieberman ought to be kicked to the curb, hard.


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  1. Maybe they will kick him out, but would you prefer him do it now and lose control of the Senate?

  2. I would be surprised if after picking up more Senate seats in the elections, the Majority Leader – Reid or otherwise – disowns Lieberman.

  3. *Wouldn’t

  4. Hmmm, maybe you are correct Jamelle. I certainly hope so.

    I think Ben, that Reid could simply say “we’d need to re-evaluate based on his loyalty to the party”.

  5. Fuck Harry Reid and shit on Nancy Pelosi.

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