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Following the painful trend of painting right-wing conservative Christianity as persecuted in the face of the oh so evil elitist secular scientists, Expelled is … specialOvercompensating:

The purpose of this here comic is to warn you in case you’re the kind of person who goes to watch movies on a whim based on the poster, and think to youself “Man it seems like a movie with Ben Stein dressed as a schoolboy would be pretty good!” They you would get in and be all mad because it’s actually a movie about how it isn’t fair that Intelligent Design is a roundly rejected notion by all them hoighty-toighty science types that ain’t open to new ideas man and oh also they are not unlike Nazis.

Let’s take a look:

Where to start?

  • “smart new ideas”.  Last I checked, creationism isn’t exactly new.
  • Rebel“.  Is it possible for a defender of the Republican status quo like Ben Stein to be a rebel?  Who is he rebelling against?  What strange power?
  • “Big Science”.  Trying to position science, a way of understanding the world through repeatable experimentation and testable theories, as equivalent to corporate lobbyists is puzzling.  Perhaps the abuse of monetary power is the only kind Conservatives like Ben Stein understand?
  • Suppression“.  No one is talking about suppressing attempts to teach creationism.  What secularists don’t like is false advertising.  Intelligent Design, for all its straining, is not science.  It does not offer up testable theories.  Its perfectly welcome in classes on religion or philosophy.

Looking beyond Ben Stein to the people behind the movie (its a flash site, click through to “principal bios”.) reveals a range of big business and Christian movers and shakers, notably Paul Lauer, who has been involved with marketing for “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Chronicle of Narnia”.

Their goal is to fool us into seeing the creationists as the noble underdog in a struggle for academic freedom.  The truth is that creationists are trying to erase the boundaries between Church and State to spread their beliefs under demonstrably false pretenses.


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