Bush Planning Fake Treaty For Permanent Occupation of Iraq

Jonathan Schwarz has an important piece up on the Bush Administration’s attempt to override the wishes of our own Legislative branch and the Iraqi Parliament and set up a permanent occupation (emphasis mine):

A majority of the Iraqi parliament wants the US to leave Iraq, and for several years has been trying to prevent the mandate from being renewed unless it includes a specific timeframe for us to depart.

The executive branch of the Iraqi government (ie, Prime Minister Maliki and friends) wants the US to stay indefinitely. That’s because we want to stay, and Maliki is our puppet. Maliki therefore successfully got the UN to renew the mandate at the end of 2007, even though the Iraqi parliament opposed it and, under the Iraqi constitution, must approve all treaties. Maliki is exactly like Bush in this way; the legislative branch tries to assert its constitutional rights, and Maliki tells them: fuck you.


Thus, Bush is attempting to create a bilateral “agreement” with Iraq via Maliki. It won’t be called a treaty, because as noted that would require the Iraqi parliament to approve it; even worse, under the US constitution, it would require the two-thirds approval of the US Senate.

So what the administration tried to do was quietly institute this accord between itself and Maliki (essentially between itself and itself), and write it so it was a treaty in all but name, giving the US the right to “protect” the Iraqi government from foreign and domestic threats.

President Bush wants to make us Iraq’s army.  He wants to make McCain’s 100 years a reality.


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  1. Nice catch, Dan.

    They want us to be there forever. As soon as we get out, a lot of people who are getting those “emergency” and “supplemental” appropriations to continue the war are going to have to figure out some other way to wring that money out of the treasury.

  2. Unfortunately they have too many ways to siphon out the treasury. J.P. Morgan got a sweet deal off our backs.

  3. The debts this country is incurring in terms of financial resources and good will is staggering.

  4. I agree. The financial debts are getting so bad it’s hard to convey their badness in words, but the loss of good will is even more troubling to me.

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