When Will We Reach 5000?

We’ve lost 4,000 Americans.  Four thousand lives wasted.  When will we reach 5,000?  What are those thousand people doing right now?  Are some of them home on leave with their families, or on their third extended tour in Iraq?  Are they lying on their bunk trying to forget what happened to a friend and comrade, an unfortunate member of the 4,000 war dead?

And what happens when every single one of those next 1,000 people is killed in Iraq?  Will we be ready to stop the war then?


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  1. Unfortunate and sad is that even if all the troops came home this minute there will be additional (residual) deaths, related to the war, of the casualties. Remember the staggering number of wounded that have are fighting for or clinging to life are statistics in waiting.

  2. It’s a very sad reality story.. why we keep on having war without better result to our country?

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