What was in Obama’s Passport File?

And what is in mine? (Bloomberg, emphasis mine, odd quoting theirs):

“Passport files do not contain travel information, such as visa and entry stamps, from previous passports,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said. “Almost all passport files contain only a passport application form as submitted by the applicant.”

Whose passport files would contain more information, and for what purpose?


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  1. This is interesting, because on MSNBC, that reliable news network, they reported that in 1992 someone got into Bill Clinton’s passport file and they were looking for information about his trip to Moscow and whether he ever used drugs. So if there’s no travel info in there, why would there be drug-use info in there? Anyway, Obama has already admitted to using coke, so we don’t have to worry about that.

  2. One of the most troubling aspects of snooping in Barack Obama’s passport records is the file contains his Social Security.

    Every 3 seconds, an American is a victim of identity theft.

    With Obama’s Social Security number, the snoop can open a credit card account, buy a car or even a house. This is very serious stuff and a crime.

  3. For Obama, I’ll conjecture it was to dig up the names of relatives so the hunt for dirt would be over in time for the convention.

    For Hillary, it was to get a credit report.

    McCain, same.

    Or for all of them to lay the groundwork for general election smears.

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