We Killed People, We Don’t Care

George Bush and Dick Cheney lied us into a war that killed thousands of our citizens, and murdered vast numbers of Iraqis.

Their response is essentially “Fuck Reality, Fuck the Voters and Fuck the Consequences” (Melissa (Shakespeare’s Sister)):

Five years in, Bush says, “No one would argue that this war has not come at a high cost in lives and treasure, but those costs are necessary when we consider the cost of a strategic victory for our enemies in Iraq,” and Cheney doesn’t care that two-thirds of the American public no longer supports the war: “So? …I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls.”

What else is there to say? The warmongers have spoken.

And they don’t care what we think.

To which I reply: “Fuck Impeachment.  When 2009 comes you’re doing hard time.”.

They lied us into a war.  They are actively working against the will of the people.  And they are risking this country’s security by misfiring our military resources and they won’t even lift the self-imposed blind-fold long enough to take a real peek at how they’re doing.

The American people, our system of government, cannot afford to let them get away with these high crimes unpunished.


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  1. Well first off, Why don’t you want this war to go on? Is it because you think were trying to steal oil? Or maybe Its because you think that we INVADED (to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent) Iraq. One we did not invade Iraq, this war is not on Iraq! This war is on terrorists (a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.) And to refresh your memory Terrorists killed many of our own people! And any way its actually a very “Happy” war. In WW2 we and other nations lost millions! But because they kept it from the public it was a great era! Now America has lost a little over three thousand! So it is a simple war we are fighting to make the world another great place! Go Bush Elect Mickane!

  2. cpnprice,
    In your twisted view, because we are fighting terrorists, we are not at war with Iraq? Do you think we can blow shit up and kill people in any country we want so long as we scream “terrorists”?

    To refresh your memory, the war in Iraq has funded and staffed the very terrorist organizations we are fighting against. Its ineffective. In addition, we did not go into Iraq to fight terrorists. We went in to fight Saddam, who had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

    “We are fighting”? WE? Are you serving, cpnprice? How can you be so upbeat about the loss of over three thousand American soldiers?

    How can you be so dismissive of the Iraqi casualties?

    The war in Iraq is making the region dangerously unstable. Let me explain that word to you. Unstable means people killed in suicide bombings and death squad attacks. It means people forced out of their homes and into refugee camps. It means war and death and economic collapse. That is not a better world, it is a hell.

    And people like Bush and his lapdog McCain are sending us there in something a lot larger than a handbasket.

  3. I still am not convinced there were terrorists from Saudi Arabia involved in 911 are any of you? We haven’t waged any war against that country so it must have been a reporting mistake. Maybe there was some bad intelligence out there? I know I would expect if there were, oh say, Iraqi guys named for the 911 attacks then invading Iraq may seem more understandable.

  4. Well get this straight guys, we are not taking another country we are helping them. I have seen and read countless accounts of Iraqi people hugging and dancing around our troops. I did not disregard the Iraqi losses, but am telling you that we haven’t lost millions as in any other war! Terrorists killed many of our people and in many different places. Iraqi death is sad, but they are willingly serving there country, not because they are forced to, but because they want to. And no, sadly I’m not serving,I could not join even if I tried. Because of medical condition in both my feet. And we killed Saddam, a long time ago. We have been in many wars with him also. Now we are fighting to try to make Iraq a democracy. if we can succeed we will have helped a nation in need.

  5. And if you believe that, I got a couple of bridges I can sell ya!

  6. Wow, I had heard there were naive people like you out there. cpnprice, wake up and smell the dead bodies. And by the way, if this is such a great and worthy war, why aren’t we taking care of the veterans? And what the hell is wrong with your feet?

    Bush doing hard time? I find that a lovely idea.

  7. Ha ha!! Bush and Clinton sitting in a cell, haven’t showered much they always smell, get what they gave, see each other in hell…..

  8. ok hey look i read the comments against bush and war. they r much more harsh than the people pro. so they call us killers but they r the ones who hit our vietnam soldiers with rocks and told them theyll rot in hell. giving them no support lowering moral and also causing insanity and suicide to those patriots. i ask why be so hateful.and no we did not go just to kill saddam we went for justice in another land and also to kill osama who was connected to hidden and funded by saddam a mad crook who has killed millions himself. second of all i wanna hear your plan after being attacked {twin towers} and i will tell wat i believe would have been consequences

  9. There was no connection between Saddam and Bin Laden. As for a response for 9/11, what do you think Afghanistan was, a archaeological expedition?

    So no, the war in Iraq was and is wrong. Every life lost, wrong, every kill, a murder.

    As for taking down Saddam, of all the evil dictators in the world, why him?

    So your Stab in the Back Myth, is just that, a Myth.


  10. well ….. why not him….. obviously bin ladin seeked refuge inside of irac and was given it, all you people look for is someone to blame but anyways we had a treaty with irac they broke it by shooting down a drone of ours and that was an oppurtunity for us to make an action instead of doing nothing…… and wow you better read what you said you called our armed forces murderers

  11. Wow, I’ve missed some gems in this thread.


    Bin Laden wasn’t hiding in Iraq. What rock have you been hiding under?

    Read the post. I’ve called former President Bush and former Vice President Cheney murderers for the war. And I’ve called out that those in the armed forces who needlessly lost their lives as a result are among their victims. This war was unnecessary, something war should never be. I feel a great pain when I think of all of that life lost so two monstrous twits could play power games at home.

    EDIT: [Removed] wrote these in middle school. I think we’d all like to see our middle school comments removed, or at least not associated with out name! I’ve removed the name at the commenter’s request.

  12. So shooting down an unmanned drone over your own territory is a case for war? The logic, if any, eludes me.

  13. Oh wait, I get it. Any old excuse will do…never mind.

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