Start the National Campaign NOW

Yes, Yes YES YES.  Democrats need to listen to Zack Exley:

If Super Tuesday had been decisive, then, by now, the presumptive nominee would already be two months into building the strongest national field campaign ever seen in U.S. politics. Both Hillary and Obama have brilliant field teams and, as the nominee, either one would have virtually unlimited financial and volunteer resources. It was going to be beautiful.

But now it’s possible that decisive work on a national field campaign won’t even begin until August. Essentially, that’s what happened in 2004 (for very different reasons). I witnessed the consequences of that train wreck close up in a dozen swing states in September and October while working for the campaign. And I’m telling you, if that happens again, it doesn’t matter how much more money the Democrat has than McCain: if its a close race where field organizing is important, then the Democrat will lose.

Whoever the nominee is, if we want to keep George W. Bush’s annointed, John McCain, out of the white house, we need to start now.

Get involved with the DNC.  As they say on their homepage, its never too early to organize.  But it can easily be too late.  We cannot afford to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this time.

If you work on a campaign and happen to read this rather humble blog, and want to be sneaky, why not suggest your candidate affirm this is a good idea, and begin sending some moolah towards DNC-directed organizing efforts?  It would make that candidate look a lot more front-runnerish, and help focus attention on building a national infratructure of change to fight the national status-quo organization McCain is building right now.

Shocking, I know.  Bear with me.  We need to start preparing now.  This is a fight we can win.

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