The Sally Kern Video

She’s saying what other Republicans are thinking.

My friend Kelly emailed this to me.  Then I saw it pop up and up on Pandagon, and on C&L.  And of course its accompanied by commentary like “is this person bat-shit crazy, or is this nutjob bat-shit crazy?”.  That this is somehow outrageous.  It isn’t.  Let’s look at her statements piece by piece.  As written down by Pam:

Studies show, no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades. . .

This is a familiar line.  I’ve forgotten exactly which Republican candidate echoed it (bonus points if anyone can point out who).  But it feeds into a standard, paranoid extremist narrative.  The same one that surfaces when some creepy ass to the right of George Bush starts using words and phrases like “birth-rate”, “europeans” and “white pride” together.  This idea that civilization is somehow doomed because two people of the same sex are in love is directly tied to stock racist fodder like the decline of the white Christian european race.

…They are going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle.

Democrats and liberals criticize the education system because they want to fix it.  Republicans and conservatives do so to prevent, literally, progress.  They want to keep people stupid and bigoted, and this ties neatly into that seething fear.  Children’s books, k-12 curriculums, anything that teaches equality and understanding is an old and practiced target for the right.

One of my colleagues said We don’t have a gay problem in our community…well you know what, that is so dumb. If you have cancer in your little toe, do you just say that I’m going to forget about it since the rest of you is fine? It spreads! This stuff is deadly and it is spreading. It will destroy our young people and it will destroy this nation.

And top it all off with some eliminationism.

Folks, none of this is new, none of this extraordinary.  It is merely an extension of a single line of reasoning into our mainstream discourse. Expect the media to cover this video, as it is quite the fascinating little instigator.  But don’t expect any of them to link this to the rising tide of extremist discourse, or to explore the significance of combining anti-gay fear and the politics of race, supremacy, and hate.  Above all, don’t expect an intrepid paper reporter or news anchor to state the unspeakable discourse: That for every Sally Kern who says this stuff out loud, there are a hundred Delays, Bushes, Hasterts, McCains, and Huckabees who are thinking it, and basing the platforms and their policies on it.


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  1. Agreed that policies and platforms should not be based on this. An individuals sexuality has no place in public political discourse. Period!

    If you think otherwise, that it does, I’ll proceed to post pages about what I do with my significant other behind closed doors and you’ll be agreeing with me soon. This is not a subject that requires discussion or debate!

    Hate crimes or any other crimes that involve victims are crimes. What needs discussion is the responsibility of our law enforcement to actually, you know, enforce the laws that protect victims.

    Basically it comes down to this to me and I hope to any rational being.
    Freedom = the ability to do anything you want without affecting another persons freedom, you must agree right?
    If the “law” states that victims require justice, then enforcement (president on down) is a responsibility and duty of enforcement officers. That’s all the public discussion required regarding this topic.

  2. Please post this on your website, you have my permission.

    Please sign the petition to get Sally Kern out of Office. Forward to all your friends, post on your blogs!

  3. Michael D,
    We don’t agree. If there are equal rights, then there is no *need* for sexuality in the public discourse. But there are not. And people like Sally Kern are part of the reason there are not.

    You are confusing details of one’s sex life with general sexuality. What is being debated is whether or not it is just to discriminate in law on the basis of sexuality, denying people rights and benefits as a result. The Sally Kern Republicans think this discrimination is fine. I think it is horribly unjust.

    Arguing against hate crimes is essentially pretending symbolic violence does not exist, and that when a gay teenager is tortured, killed, and hung up on display, the only person hurt is that specific teenager. It is closing one’s eyes to the fact that some crimes say to an entire community: “You are not welcome. You are next.”. That is a crime.

    (your suggestion that enforcement officers ought to enforce the law, period, in no way closes the discussion. Frankly I have no idea why you are making that point.)

    Heather Haney,
    Thanks for the link. Its so encouraging to see so many Oklahoma signatures!

  4. We do agree if you agree on my definition of freedom. Everything you just wrote about are violations of peoples freedoms. You need to look at it at the basic level and use the freedom denominator to judge all that follows. You just skip over my main point like freedom doesn’t apply or exist. Sorry if the concept is too much for you to grasp but there it is.

    Sally Kern is obviously an elitist douche that doesn’t have the grasp of freedom or acceptable public discussion.

  5. I am disgusted. I literally could not understand her diatribe until I realised she is imminently mental ill. There is a whole range of hate based manias, delusions, and bad brain-cells firing off the absolutly wrong biochemestry, that inturn affects the mind and body, leading to truly psychotic statements. It appears her own insular world is quite small, scary, and hatefilled.
    She does NOT deserve the privledge of her job and should be placed under immediate psych examination for previous abuses related to both herself, her past, and the groups she targets.
    I appologize for the typoes, very rushed 🙂

  6. Michael D,
    You brought it back to a simple definition of freedom, but in no way connected your statements (we don’t need hate crimes) to that definition. So no, we don’t agree. I skipped your main point because it was disconnected from your argument. It was just a “yay freedom” quote, then onto unlinked conclusions. A floating premise, would be one way of describing it.

    Agree on your assessment of Ms. Kern!

    Seth Taurus,
    I wonder if she will resign. I doubt it.

  7. Freedom is the issue here is it not? Wtf is yay freedom supposed to mean? I guess that answers my older question of whether freedom is important to you. No seems to be your answer. Too bad.

  8. Oy!
    Of course freedom matters. Where do you get the idea that it does not?

    I just don’t see how your point has any bearing on hate crimes legislation.

  9. So Sally Kern is a member of the Eagle forum…Here in utah we have a Political lobbyist who also belongs to that same organization. Gayle Rudzica is promoting the same hate filled agenda of misinformation. Unfortunately our Republican dominated legislature swallows every line item she and her “flying monkeys” float by them. Check out Utah State Senator Chris Buttars and his ‘ugly black baby’ remarks.
    It’s repulsive to hear a beloved, gentle person like our gay son dismissed as an Al Queda devotee…
    One can only pray for any of her relations , neighbors or fellow citizens of Oklahoma who are gay and afraid.

  10. I was thinking that the bearing is that the law is already in place and there is no need for hate crime legislation. In other words if the same activities that are looking to get legislated in the hate crimes bill were perpetrated by let’s say me and my ex-wife then the law would serve me with a restraining order at the very least. when it becomes physical it is battery and as it escalates the charges stiffen. So why the need to legislate new laws to reiterate the existing ones?

    It seems the problem is more of lack of enforcement than lack of legislation.

  11. Good for you, I was thinking just that as a saw this moron spill out what she somhow believes, I just hope that for every one of me, there are a thousand more who are brave enough to actually do somthing about it.

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