Palestinians and Israelis: Stupid and Violent

This is my heritage, my culture exploding in a sea of blood.  Fucking idiots.

Likely in response to a massive death toll from Israeli air strikes, a coward with a gun went on a shooting rampage at a school.  Hamas has responded by praising the attack:

On Thursday, Hamas did not take responsibility for the yeshiva attack but praised it. In a text message then, Hamas said: “We bless the operation. It will not be the last.”

Thereby telling the world in no uncertain terms that theirs is a “movement” that kills children to get what they want.  Awww, isn’t that sweet?  Just like the Israelis.  Well, not quite.  Here’s the difference, as far as I can tell.  Israel kills more by attacking while accepting civilian casualties.  Palestinian forces deliberately target civilians.  I don’t care how oppressed you are.  You don’t win the sympathy and support of the world by telling your supporters to go into schools and shoot children.   That makes your struggle for your own nation a fucking joke.

On the Israeli side, they’ve responded brilliantly:

The killings, which drew criticism from President Bush and the United Nations, are bound to put more pressure on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to respond somehow, somewhere with force.

Yes!  Respond by killing even more Palestinians.  That won’t fuel more violence at all, will it Prime Minister Genius?

The two sides are both being led by the blind and the bloodthirsty.


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  1. The problem with the peace process is that so long as the terrorists have power, and are able to kill Israelis, they will, and with glee regardless of whether or not they kill children or innocents.

    Peace will only weaken them, while chaos keeps them powerful.

    The only solution is to respond with strength and make it impossible for Hamas and other militants to continue attacking Israeli soil. If this means pushing the border further away from Israel, so be it. If this means responding with force, so be it. Peace will never be won with half-measures. Somehow, the terrorists must be made impotent so that their own people will cast them aside.

    Israel takes great pains not to harm Palestinian civilians. They even sacrifice defenses that would inevitably cause collateral damage to civilians in Gaza.

    The terrorists, as they have done elsewhere, use civilians as shields. They house with them. They operate near dense civilian areas. They sacrifice their own to damage Israel’s world-image. If they wanted to operate away from civilian populations they could, but they know the only way Israel can harm them is to also harm the innocent, and they rejoice in the PR.

    Imagine America if we suffered daily rocket bombardment, if we were subject to bus bombings, cafe bombings, and school shootings…

    Well, the school shootings part we can relate to….

  2. This is my heritage, my culture exploding in a sea of blood. Fucking idiots.

    Ugh, my feelings exactly. For fuck’s sake, people.

    I almost always skip over news about this stuff — I don’t know how to begin to think about it. The stories of the Israeli army bulldozing houses send sick shivers up and down my spine.

    It was not supposed to be this way.

  3. You’ve seen the Vanity Fair article on the Bush Administration’s role in strengthening Hamas?

  4. Daisy, how can you mention Israel bulldozing houses and leave out the fact that Hamas et al are sending dozens of rockets a day into Israel? Seems just a tad one-sided.

  5. Daily Elephant,
    If chaos keeps terrorists powerful, then attacking them is counter-productive. Frankly its about a lot more than we are willing to see. In some cases, I think terrorism is a vehicle for internal power struggles, and external victims are not themselves the point of the violence. Understanding this when it unfolds in this way can help us more effectively respond.

    I know about the human shields part, but sometimes, the Israelis, like our own military, accepts civilian casualties. Additionally, they use violence far too regularly, in ways that foster hatred.

    The problem with the “kill Israelis […] with glee” argument is that it demonizes terrorists. This is not accurate, terrorists a humans, not demons. Thus motivation is always a more complex picture. We need to understand that picture if we are to ever get at the root causes of terrorism in the middle east, and in Israel specifically.

    Me too. I find it hard to write about it, but that’s been part of my motivation in trying to do so. I want to challenge myself to look at the problem from more angles, and consider the motivations and actions of everyone involved. The mess in Israel directly impacts most of our world, and I think has many lessons for humanity we have yet to learn.

    No I had not seen that article. Dammit the Bush admin is so horribly stupid! So fucking inept! Do they realize how much worse they made it? Could that possibly have penetrated their impossibly thick skulls?

    (Curiousity: are you and Daily Elephant the same, just different nick? Or different users with the same blog/favorite site?)

    Daisy was joining me in self criticism. Frankly I consider the whole mess part of my culture, but in a more limited sense, as a Jew the Israeli part of the equation is almost more my own. Hence I feel more responsibility to account for the fallacy of their actions.

    In my opinion, both sides are deadly wrong. What Daisy’s point makes utterly clear, is that with an army (and using that military to forcibly evict people from their homes), Israel is in effect oppressing the Palestinian people. The response of the terrorists is unethical and base, but that power difference has to be acknowledged.

  6. ED Kain: I’m more disturbed by Israel’s actions because a) as Dan said, they have an army (complete with nukes) and b) they do what they do in my name (my mom is Israeli, we have family there, I could obtain citizenship at any time, etc).

    But the violence committed by Palestinian terrorists is horrifying and inexcusable, too, of course.

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