The Gay Agenda

Ending the hate and violence of homophobia.  Via Pam:

What is going on in the Sunshine State? In Jim “Potty Sex” Naugle‘s Fort Lauderdale, apparently the homophobia is rubbing off on residents. (WSVN):

Police are searching for a man driven by hate, who beat a gay man and threatened him and his partner, after they finished a meal at an outdoor restaurant.

His crime?  Being homosexual.

There’s all this talk about the “Gay Agenda”.  Its psychotic.  The only agenda is one held in common by ethical people everywhere:  Equality.  And yes, I mean directly that if you oppose equality for Gay people, you are an unethical fuck.  There is no room for sugarcoating the blood being spilled by pretending homosexuality is a sin, a choice, a blasphemy.  Everyone on this planet deserves equal rights, deserves human rights.

This was a hate crime.  It was a crime that hurt the direct victims, who were threatened and assaulted.  It is a crime that says to Gay people everywhere this is what happens to you:

Brunner recalled, moments later, the man returned visibly upset. “He just started with this barrage, of, ‘Are you looking at me, you faggot? You know what I do to faggots? I break their necks!'”

This kind of violence and hatred has no place within society.  It is deserving of no respect, and must be given no quarter.  The struggle forhuman rights is a universal one, and one that we can all take part in.  I am a man and I am a proud feminist.  I am straight and I stand tall for Gay rights.  You don’t need to share anything in common with the victims here to share sympathy for their suffering and anger at those who caused it.  From the man who beat them to those who filled that man with ignorance and hatred.

Its the 2st century.  We don’t need to wait 20 years and live through a giant struggle to recognize the rights of our citizens.  We are in the midst of a new civil rights movement.  One that frames the struggle properly in terms of human rights, and that extends to people of every possible description and category.  The Gay rights movement is but a part of this struggle.  But it is a vital and irreplaceable part, just like every other battle for equality and humanity around the globe.  The Gay agenda is our agenda.  It is the Human agenda.


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  1. Every so often I hear some group proclaiming how the Gay Agenda is being pushed in public schools and I think back to my days in school and remember that it was the Straight Agenda that was being pushed.

    I have seen too many times when someone has asked for tolerance and acceptance of a group it all of a sudden becomes an agenda. It is a tool used by homophobes to cause fear in the public eye.

    An “agenda” is so dark and treacherous and it works on the ignorance people have, turning them against what is right.

  2. That is an incredibly astute analysis! The word “agenda” is definitely an effective key word that is used to turn large swathes of people against what should be the most inherently basic human response to the question of equality.

  3. The fact is, the gays want special rights. They want our children, too.

  4. Gary,
    So wrong, so fearful! The bullshit you shovel only serves to show off how utterly ignorant and hateful you are.

  5. Gays wanna sneak into us normies houses and have gay sex with us in our sleep and turn our children gay. we have to get them before they get us. they also caused katrina and 9/11

  6. brian,
    Heh. There just might be a thing as too much of a good snark.

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