Racism and Search Terms


“does racism still exist” and “nigger president”.  Wow.


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  1. Geez. Makes me feel pretty good about attracting clown crowd. The most exciting search I get is “Fat Huckabee,” “Huckabee Fat”, “Mike Huckabee Fat,” and “was mike huckabee really fat” etc., etc.

  2. Wow. I don’t get anything like that at all. How are YOU getting these search terms??? Women wearing gloves, eh? Very racy.

    No, but seriously, that’s horrible. I think the “does racism still exist” term was answered by the following one….

    For all my gripes with Obama, it is certainly a sad thing that people out there still have these views. It makes me very sad for our country. I wish we could all stick to the issues and that substantive debate would replace rhetoric, racism, and hate-mongering.

    And, on a side note, I wish all the candidates would be nicer to each other. I get so tired of attacks and attack ads. Let the media and the bloggers call names, but keep your own tone and language civil for pete’s sake!

  3. mdking,
    I get even wilder one’s sometimes.

    The women wearing gloves one actually makes sense. I wrote a post when I first started, oh, a while ago, about a German politician who was chastised for posing for photos with “gloves”.

    Exactly. I thought it was kinda funny.

    rhetoric can be substantive 😉
    But I totally agree, a debate without all the hate and prejudice seething below the surface would be nice.

    I don’t mind attack ads, so long as they attack issues and not personal lives. I just wish politicians were truthful. Imagine a world in which politicians signed a contract, and could be held liable for lying on the campaign trail…..

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