Jack Nicholson’s Mixed Message for Clinton

Jack Nicholson has released a video for Hillary Clinton, and the result is crazy fun for the whole family:

The Hillary Clinton Campaign released a video starring Jack Nicholson today. The spot consists of a statement from Nicholson along with him in character as The Joker, Col. Jessup (A Few Good Men), and Jake Gittes (Chinatown). Watch it:

Wow.  Nothing says “who do you trust” like the smiling visage of the Joker.

Check out the creepy vibes when Col Jessup tells us there is nothing sexier than saluting a woman in the morning.  While bringing military protocol into the bedroom may indeed be a recipe for sexy fun time, is that really any kind of argument for who is ready to serve day one?

What are they thinking?  At least they have a wholesome apple pie soundtrack going for them.  It made me want to hug a pensioner and present them with an honorary bottle of Vermont’s finest maple syrup and a small stars and stripes lapel pin.

Hillary Clinton’s ad serves as another reminder why she would run a weak campaign against John McCain.  If the presidency is about security and having the proper training, then John McCain will be perceived as having the advantage.  Both candidates voted to go to war with Iraq.  Both have supported Bush and echoed his political strategy of using fear to move people.  But only one has military training.

Hillary Clinton, for all her experience (and her husband’s experience), just doesn’t have the rhetorical savvy to attack Obama without exposing a weakness for McCain to exploit.


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  1. omg – jack looked INCREDIBLY old at the point where he says he approved the message.

    I just can’t figure how someone could think it’d be a good idea to have the joker on her side. And the whole things about saluting a woman being sexy? It might very well be sexy in some situations, but that is seriously disturbing to me. If people actually believe that, it might cause them to vote for her less.

    Why can’t someone be inspired to make a free music video for her, like Will.I.Am and Obama? It’s disheartening to watch effort after effort come across as tired, mediocre, and generally unrepresentative of what I believe she stands for and is capable of.

  2. Allowing celebrities to somehow influence our choices in anything is bizarre. They are actors. Period. Not visionaries, not prophets, not great thinkers. They are verbatim readers.

    How can anyone compare tv to real life? For that matter why are people be so enchanted by celebrities? Didn’t Dan Quayle get this message out with his Murphy Brown comment? Just reaffirms my reasons for not watching the idiot box (TV).

  3. Nothing wrong with celebrities doing what they do. I don’t think they should be dismissed merely because they are actors. I look at their positions and see if they have any merit. They have the right, as anyone else to express their views. Mind you, people should not listen to celebrities merely because they are celebrities. That would be a waste of time.

  4. “Mind you, people should not listen to celebrities merely because they are celebrities.”

    That is exactly my point. People do listen to people based on their status and celebrity status seems to be high on many peoples list of sought after titles. (Reality tv my ass!) There’s nothing much real about it anymore. That’s where the confusion comes in. Like 15 minutes of fame just isn’t enough.

    People eat fucking cows balls for fame. It’s just nuts.

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