WHNT Censors Politically Sensitive Story

It appears that in addition to sending a politician to jail for his politics (and overriding the will of the people and smashing their right to vote), conservatives are trying to censor the story (WriteChic):

Several blogs and viewers at the CBS website are complaining that the Don Siegelman segment was blocked out in the city of Huntsville (WHNT) and parts of the Mobile market. WHNT said there were having transmission difficulties.

Larisa Alexandrova writes at the Huffington Post:

In other words, in the United States of America, a man is imprisoned for being a Democrat. When reporters attempt to get this story out, they are threatened and smeared. When all else fails, the public is not allowed to see the news.

If you happened to miss the segment you can see it online at CBS. CBS reported federal prosecutors suppressed exculpatory evidence and lied about it to a federal judge in the Siegelman case. That’s huge.

Its damn huge. It means our right to vote means shit if we elect the “wrong” person to office.

UPDATE: Harper’s Scott Horton talked to CBS News in New York they said, “there is no delicate way to put this: the WHNT claim is not true. There were no transmission difficulties.”

This is straight up censorship of a news story with chilling implications for this country.

I want to know who at WHNT made the call to censor this story, and why.


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  1. “60 Minutes Done A Great Job”

    Bush’s elete group of corrupt GOP’ers are scared to death that Don Siegelman may be on the streets before the election. Slick Bob so nervous that he is combing his hair and spraying his mouth and under arms every Five minutes hoping that John McCain will name him as his running mate. If a Democrat president wins he/she will probally appoint new U.S. Attorneys in Alabama. Riley along with most of the top GOP operatives could get Federal charges filed against them for taking millions of dollars from Michael Scanlon and Jack Abramoff. The money was used to defeat Siegelman’s Education Lottery and to run Riley’s election campaigns.

  2. I’ve experienced the same thing with our local cable provider. From time to time if we get news lets say from Spain (we get TVE) that do not reflect all to well on this goverment, they black it out.

  3. Robert Bass, a huge Republican contributor from Texas and loyal Bushie, owns WHNT.

  4. Ralfast,
    Has anyone written about this? (If you don’t mind me asking, who is your local cable provider?)

    Wow. That explains far too much, doesn’t it?

    I found more details here.

  5. OneLink formerly Adelphia, although it doesn’t happen as often and it was only on one channel. The new owners have more sense, they switched Faux News with BBC World.

    As for someone writing about it, I don’t know, sorry.

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