Fight With the Sword and the Pen

The Rhettorical Butler presents a striking case for Obama’s rising support and Clinton’s flagging campaign (emphasis mine):

I watched bits of a debate recently (Bar v Hil)  in which one person raised her voice to speak over the other. She tried so hard to point out his flaws and smiled so hard I thought her face would fall off. Then, her opponent spoke in his dulcet tones about how she was wrong. It was interesting, because the one who looked less smug and more interested in actually speaking seemed more powerful and convincing to me. She was trying to put on a show, and he was trying to win an argument.

The sincerity factor is central to how we vote.  Sincerity brings trust.  Without it, our support for a candidate is filled with cynicism and apathy.  A candidate who is sincere invites trust, and with it hope, excitement, and activism.  (Emphasis mine):

I like the idea of a leader who wants change for the improvements it would bring, and not just for the sake of change. I like the concept of following someone who is intelligent and idealistic–I don’t want a president that has given up. I want someone who can give a speech without getting flustered or having to use mindless rhetoric to rise above the din. Someone who can see diplomacy before war, and who can present an idea without getting confused or convoluted, or mean. I want someone who will set an example and make a change, not just by using one resource, or one argument, or one idea. I want someone who will put together rhetoric with action. I want a commander in chief who can fight with the pen and the sword, and is willing to use his voice before all weapons.

Hillary Clinton’s failure on Iraq, her long road coming towards a very grudging anti-war position, and her hawkish position on Iran, show that she will resort to weapons before using her voice.  She is not a diplomacy first candidate.

Barack Obama is sincere, optimistic, and bold enough to wield the pen and the sword, but always present the pen first.  In this he is a striking opposite to both Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

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