Talk Back, Walk Away: Get Tasered

Free Speech is a mere privilege when at the whim of authoritarian police officers.  If you dare to question an officer, you are asking to be arrested and potentially violently assaulted with a dangerous weapon.

Via Police Brutality Blog:

H/T who exclusively learned that last night in New Orleans, police officers beat, tasered and arrested R&B singer Tank. New Orleans Police Taser R&B Singer Tank!

MediaTakeOut spoke exclusively with Tank’s business associate Ira Dewitt, the CEO of Notifi Music Group, who witnessed the entire incident. Ira explained, “We were leaving the NBA All Star Game heading to an afterparty at the House Of Blues … we were walking in that direction and the cops came and completely blocked us.” She continued, “They got all in our face and got really belligerent … Apparently there was a shooting in the area. ”

That’s when, according to Ira – all hell broke loose. “Tank was like ‘Why are you gonna be like that’ and we started walking away. But they grabbed Tank and threw him against the wall. [The cops] bent one of his arms up and the other arm back and asked him to do something. Tank told them that he couldn’t and before you knew it there were three cops all over him … and they tased him.”

H/T The and Rhymes With Snitch are reporting on the arrest outside the House of Blues in New Orleans. Stereohyped is also reporting on this story, so is the blog Bossip.

If they can’t handle the responsibility of a deadly weapon like a taser, sub par officers like those that assaulted Tank should not be armed with them.  Given Tank and his friend were walking away when this happened, they clearly posed no threat.  This was done purely out of malice as a reaction to being questioned.  It was an abuse of authority, and the officers involved ought to be investigated and prosecuted.


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  1. Just wait until the GOP convention–Minnesota cops have ordered themselves some tasers and they should arrive just in time for the convention. And with the first twitching body of a protester on the nightly news, the current GOP will finalize its mirroring efforts with the Democratic coalition that combusted finally with billy clubs and Mayor Daley at the 1968 convention.

  2. Josh R,
    Oh Joy!
    Its cyclical!

    I imagine the MN Police will be extra careful to avoid using tasers in such a publicized forum given the heightened public awareness of their abuse. If not, then that would be beyond damning.

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