Stormfront Users: Hate and Intelligence Don’t Mix (Who Knew?)

John Ubele (who was too cowardly to allow any of my comments on his post to show up on his site), decided to post a link to this blog on Stormfront (a gathering place for white supremacists, neo-nazis, and other people who like to blame their problems on minorities). Users there added their take on my criticism of John Ubele and his blog.

To start with, if you are going to throw a false charge at someone, its generally a good idea to make sure it isn’t too easy for them to disprove your statement. Daniel von der ss writes (about me):

Hey John, that guy is a huge nutter, he is sort of a cyber stalker as well. I remember one post about Bloomberg and the U.S. becoming a third world country you made on your blog and at the end of it that guy started to write strange comments unrelated to the article.

Well, here is that post about Bloomberg and the U.S. becoming a third world country on John’s blog. Notice there are no comments. Oops.

Some of the haters were brave enough to step on up over here and drop their rhetorical leavings in the comments section. incogman writes eloquently:

When will you people figure it out?

I mean, how much more math do you have to do, anymore?

Wasn’t 9/11 and the lies of Iraq enough? All this business about anti-Semitism and anti-Racism has been nothing but a big mind f–k on the American public to keep us divided and in the dark about these people from day-one!

Think about the USS Liberty and all the other perfidies against America since. We are being snowed big-time and accusing White people of being “White Supremacists” is part and parcel of the whole game. Reject it people!

I list out many of these Zionist’s perfidies here:

Read it if you have a spine or brain left.

Yeah, how much more math do we have to do, anymore? Can’t we see that the Jews really are out to get us? (This guy really likes the word anymore, apparently, judging from his blog’s slogan (I shit you not): “INCOG MAN: Sick of all the BS, anymore…”).

There is a subtle genius in attacks like these. Reasonable people can get truly stuck trying to respond. How do you respond to a frothing little statement like “The Jews run this country and are also behind 9/11 oh and own the media”? There’s no facts, no substance, nothing to respond to. Its like arguing with a violently Schizophrenic hobo. The impulse is to back away and hope you don’t get drenched in spit or stabbed.

But we ought to take a closer look, because these are ideas we are going to see a lot more of my dear friends and allies. Not just from people like John Ubele, who is a white supremacist running for public office in Florida (currently unopposed by a Democrat). For the curious, he’s running under the Constitution Party. Yeah, that Constitution Party:

Critics contend the Party uses its name in an Orwellian and disingenuous fashion in order to mask a theocratic agenda. Political Research Associates links the Constitution Party to the dominionism movement.[28] The liberal civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center has voiced similar concerns and views the party’s “cult-like” rhetoric as an invitation to commit violent acts to achieve a society not unlike that envisioned by the Iranian Revolution.

Nore just from commentors like “ms mel”, who writes without qualification:

bigots like PA are this country’s saving grace —- thank goodness for him as well as others like him!

But from those on the right side of our national discourse who adopt the language and many of the goals of the hate wing of the Republican party and bring it into the mainstream. We need to watch the extremes to know what we’ll need to deal with when those same vile positions and arguments slither into Fox News broadcasts and political speeches. We’ll also need to fight hard to ensure no bigot wins office on our watch.

Keep informed and stay united, we’ll win this one.


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  1. I expected this and spoke about it in my last broadcast:

    “The Ugly American”

  2. incogman’s a genius, you could tell him his chair is on fire and he’d seek to solve it by trying to grate cheese with a pool table while tapdancing. Absolutely surreal reasoning, utterly misdirected by enormous racism (so ingrained I would suspect generations of frothing white pride ‘patriots’, telling little incog it was ‘the jews’ who stole his Christmas presents- now run along while daddy drinks this brand new bottle of whisky, only thing I got left after yesterday at the track…er, I mean after fighing them mongrel races.)
    I’m reminded of Kevin Kline’s character in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’
    Wanda (to Otto)-“Aristotle was not Belgian, the principle of Buddhism is not “every man for himself”, and the London Underground is not a political
    movement. Those are all mistakes, Otto. I looked them up.”
    PS. Should someone tell the Constituion party it’s doing Ahmadinejad’s work for him? Damn those Eyerans are sneaky.

  3. ‘fighting’ even.

  4. Rick B,
    A Fish called Wanda rocks so hard. Yeah, people like this aren’t the smartest.

    I should do some looking into the Constitution party. I wonder if they have anyone in office, where and at what level, the full extent of their connection to the white supremacist movement, and what races they are competitive in?

    WOW. That last video was outstanding.

  5. Ubele is a total joke. His whole life will be spent fighting a losing battle. He will die a loser. He and his nazi stormfront buddies openly hate Jews but they worship Jesus – WHO’S A JEW! How hypocritical is that! Everything they stand for is false.

  6. Yeah. A very sad joke.

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