Fight Racism in Dulles VA

Are any readers near Dulles Virginia?  Want to take a stand against racism and white supremacy?  This weekend cowards and haters are holding their meeting in Dulles, near the airport (via Pam):

I guess the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel is hard up for bucks if it’s decided that hosting a conference for white supremacists is a good business move.

The three-star Herndon, Virginia hotel will welcome the benign-sounding American Renaissance Conference (no, I’m not linking)  Feb. 22-Feb. 24. Subtitled “In the Name of Our People,” attendees can gather for an extraordinary weekend on “racial-realist thought” (I guess the whole supremacy thing has fallen out of favor). Read about it and see some of the speakers after the jump.

Resistance and Solidarity plans to fight back:

Resistance and Solidarity, a DC-based collective, plans to show up at the conference.

Area anti-fascists will march from Chandon Park (352 Juniper Ct., Herndon, VA) to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We will then converge at the hotel to protest, confront and disrupt the racist hate spouted by the AmRen National Conference.

The AmRen conference organizers call for a white supremacist society and political order. American Renaissance (AmRen) editor Jared Taylor states: “If whites permit themselves to be displaced, it is not just the high culture of the West that could disappear but such things as representative government, rule of law and freedom of speech, which whites usually get right and everyone else usually gets wrong.” Among past and present participants in this gathering are Klan member David Duke, Don Black, the operator of the white supremacist website, former NY state prosecutor Michael Regan and Nick Griffin of the neo-fascist British National Party.

…” We will do our most to inform the hotel and demand that they cancel this gathering immediately. We also want the public to know that this event is not welcome here because this organization supports criminal policies and violence towards blacks, Latin American immigrants and other minorities in the region and the country,” he said.

Bringing light to the actions of racists is ironically something they both desire and fear.  So if you can’t make it, feel free to spread the word and add in your own critiques and insights.

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