If You Lie, Lie Boldly

Conservatives can’t take a straight argument without twisting their facts to try and avoid a loss.

GMH writes (in a subtly titled post over at BoldColorConservative):

An individual with the web moniker of Dan (Fitness) has been engaged in some anti-American, intolerant and bigoted hate speech in the comments section of our blog (see below).

What anti-American, intolerant and bigoted hate speech is he on about? My comment here (just the section he quoted):

Removing Sadam from power? Good. Going there based on lies, and sacrificing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, thousands of our soldiers, billions of dollars, and the stability of Iraq and potentially the region? Not so good. Plus it severely damaged our ability to respond to Afghanistan’s changing security situation.

I have mixed feelings about the volunteering for military service, especially with a service that accepts people who join with imperialist or racist goals.

I don’t think you met the bar I set:

Not something I approve of, but something that makes me feel intensely proud to be an American.

The war in Iraq was a huge mistake, not something to be proud of as an American.

It looks like GMH has two problems. One, with my statement about the military, and two with my statement about the war in Iraq. On the military:

The United States military is the most ethnically diverse organization on the planet.

That’s not what I was saying. I was responding to GMH’s assertion that we should be proud of:

Being a country where hundreds of thousands of American soldiers (like myself) volunteer to fight global Jihad and spread democracy abroad.

My point was that my feelings were mixed. On the one hand, the number of people volunteering to serve their country is something to be proud of. On the other, some of those people are volunteering for decidedly wrong reasons. This includes hate groups joining up, and the military’s standards have lowered, allowing felons and gang members in. One wonders if GMH is simply denying this is happening, or is happy it is. Either way, not something to be proud of. Plus, there’s those who volunteer to fight because they hate “those Muslims”. Again, this is a source of shame, and why I can both feel pride for those who serve to protect, and shame for those who server for their own hateful ends.

On Iraq, GMH writes:

Your ridiculous assertions and outright lies above (going to war based on lies, etc. ad naseum) are old and tiresome for those of us who have “moved on” passed the 9/11 commission, a bi-partisan committee which refuted your accusations outright.

What is this guy on? Is he forgetting the 900+ Lies that led into this war? We went in because Saddam supposedly posed a deadly threat to our country. That was a lie. And no, we have not moved on. We are still stuck in that damnable war, and we’ve lost far too much as a result. Lives. Credibility as a nation. Economic stability. And above all else our morality, since out of Iraq has come torture and a “strike-first” philosophy of war that renders the US aggressors.

That is nothing to be proud of.

Also, GMH has no understanding of hate speech:

Frankly, your un-American, intolerant, and bigoted hate speech has no place on this site.

Hopefully you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of hate-speech law (assuming of course, that liberals and secular-progressives have their way and are able to pass such laws).

Hate Speech:

Bigoted speech attacking or disparaging a social or ethnic group or a member of such a group.

Criticizing an organization for recruiting members of far right hate groups and felons hardly applies.

I’ll give GMH one thing. When he lies, he does so boldly.


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  1. Its a common ploy used to discredit critic of the wonderful imperial project that is Iraq.

  2. Hey Dan. I’ve been talking with GMH about his post today. He was trying to be sarcastic (especially the “hate speech” references) and I don’t think it really came across. We actually edited the the title and the post before noticing that you had responded, and we added the following disclaimer…

    Note: The title of this post was changed from one that was intended to be sarcastic and humorous to one that we hope better reflects the “relevant, logical, and intelligent political dialogue“ we strive to facilitate on this site.

    “relevant, logical and intelligent political dialogue” is a reference to the mission statement of our site. http://boldcolorconservative.com/2007/10/22/mission-of-boldcolorconservativecom/

    Thanks again for stopping by, and please know that we are going for respectful discourse… sarcasm just doesn’t always come through so well in print.


  3. JLG, its very very odd to change a post like that. The one that’s now up there is entirely different in tone and strikingly different in content.

    If it was intended as sarcasm, it was unusually dry.
    (Sarcasm can be difficult to pull off).

    In any case, the points he now raises seriously (about military recruitment and the lies leading up to iraq) remain the same for my own post.

    Always glad to engage in discourse, and looking forward to our next bouts.

  4. Thanks for understanding Dan. Sorry about the poor form. That is on me, not GMH.


  5. I love the way the Zionists have led around all the brain dead in this country into fighting wars for them. NOT! Do you know how many American Jews have died in Afghanistan and Iraq? 17. A lousey 17 out 4000. Pretty good little deal they have going on. And if you say a dam word about it or Palestinians, they and their brainwashed white minions will accuse you of being a anti-Semite.

    What a sorry joke on America. Wake up to it! Put the pieces together and reject the Zionist’s lies and slander on any whites who figure out the REAL DEAL.

  6. JLG,
    No worries at all.

    What on earth are you on about? Your hateful tripe accomplishes one thing alone: Showing what a pathetic bag of fear, hatred and irrationality you are.

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