Wholesome Bible Pee!

This made me laugh so hard I actually squeaked. The ending is glorious (via Eugene Cho):

Apparently the Germans are Godless for prohibiting men from standing whilst peeing. And if we don’t watch it, this country could descend into utter mayhem (Our President probably pisses sitting down. That pee-fiend!). You see my friends, that’s what’s wrong with America.

Being a man is all about pissing on the wall. So get out there patriotic men. Unzip and pee on the wall. For America $*#dammit!


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  1. Dan, being a former New Englander I hope you can appreciate this bit of poetry from the J. Giles band.

    “(Peter Wolf/Seth Justman) – 1981
    Now some people think the world is what it ain’t
    To some I’m a sinner, to others a saint
    Some folks say the world ain’t what is is
    All I know is I just got to take a wiz
    Where am I goin’ and where have I been
    My head’s in the clouds and my tail’s in a spin
    Jumpin’ out of planes for the thrill of it all
    Then I bounce back and take a Piss On The Wall
    Politics – Shmolitics
    They oughta save their breath
    Mean streak – blue streak
    They sentence me to death
    Harangue me from a tree
    Twist and shout until I crawl
    Do the flip – do the flop
    Piss On The Wall
    Well the Yanks hate the Reds
    And the Greeks hate the Turks
    I really hate to say it
    But they’re all a bunch of jerks
    Seems like everybody’s shakin’
    ‘Cause the big one’s ’bout to fall
    I’m just tryin’ to hold it steady while I
    Piss On The Wall “

  2. http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/02/18/minister.confesses.ap/index.html

    i’m not sure that this is connected at all, but i’d like you to write about this article.
    and please, please, tell me how this man is a hero.

    i ask, because i see why they’re calling him a hero… but can you tell me how the ends justify the means? he did something to be deemed a good man…. was it worth it?
    and what kind of people call him a hero after what he did?

    i like to know what you think

  3. Re: Wholesome Bible Pee!
    It is so amazing to me that someone whose “job” it is to “guide” people through this stuff can be so far off when it comes to comprehending it. I will never lose my faith in the ability, and some would argue necessity, of people to constantly take excerpts from Bible out of context and twist them until their mangled forms kinda fit some semblance of a point at which they are hinting.

    Re: CNN article from Sally
    The ends don’t justify the means, but you can’t really look at it that way. I mean, that kind of implies that he killed that guy so that 13 years later he could repent and win the forgiveness of some congregation. As far as the kind of people that call him a hero……well, its the kind of people who believe that as long as your ask for God’s forgiveness, then LITERALLY all your sins are taken away, even those committed in the great state of California. I don’t want to go as far as to call them extremists, but it is definitely a level of religious interpretation that borders it (in my opinion).

  4. a fairly good point, beverage (i’m assurming that’s you’re real name)
    but really, i just want to make sure people know that at least i don’t think he’s a hero. he has done the right thing by confessing… but that doesn’t make him a hero.
    i guess i just don’t like the guy

  5. Michael D,
    Who knew they were so devout?

    Southern Comfort (aka beverage),
    People are really really good at misinterpreting nearly anything we can get our hands on. If it didn’t impact people so much, it’d be a lot of fun to watch.

  6. […] he committed 14 years ago, and the reactions from the community are striking (CNN, Hat tip to Sally Jane Beaufort): The youth minister who confessed to a 1994 killing is being widely forgiven by members of his […]

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