The Deft White Supremacist

The inaptly named “Patritoic Activist” put up a post on Obama’s economic stimulus package.  He titled it “Obama bribes voters”.  The actual post was mostly innocuous:

Democrat Barack Obama said Wednesday that as president he would spend $210 billion to create jobs in construction and environmental industries, as he tried to win over economically struggling voters.

Obama’s investment would be over 10 years as part of two programs. The larger is $150 billion to create 5 million so-called “green collar” jobs to develop more environmentally friendly energy sources.

Sixty billion would go to a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to rebuild highways, bridges, airports and other public projects. Obama estimated that could generate nearly 2 million jobs, many of them in the construction industry that’s been hit by the housing crisis.

No big deal.  One can easily point out that all candidates do the same by proposing, oh say, massive tax cuts our economy cannot support, as Republicans are wont to do.

So the post itself, objectivity (far) aside, appears harmless, save for a graphic (AIPAC for Obama) that links to a white nationalist website.  The Rational Psychic was first out the door taking PA to task for this:

 What are you trying to prove by having this white nationalist link on your page?

PA’s response?

I’m sorry but don’t I understand your question.

Take care,

Yeah, right.  But this guys blog makes for really good reading.  He’s pretty overtly anti-semitic.  But his bigotry towards immigrants is something special:

Originally from the Mexican state of Zacatecas, he’s lived north, in the US, for more than 40 years. He is currently president of the Federation of Zacatecan Associations.

The migrants’ influence comes with the massive amounts of money they send back home.

Despite the relative stagnation of the US economy, this flow of money keeps growing, according to recent data. In 2003 it increased by 35% – the total amount sent that year to Mexico was more than $13bn.

In other words, his point is that the migrants are bleeding an already wounded America dry.  This is a point you might see in the mainstream media.  Its always nice to know your source.

Bigots like PA use a particularly familiar rhetorical strategy.  Pick your target (non white christian males), pick your audience (christian white males), and connect the two via a vulnerability.  As much as possible, scrape the language clean of overt racism and stick to the meat of the issue, using it as a wedge to push your audience away from your target socially, economically, and politically.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Extra bonus, this guy is running for office in Florida.  Seems he has a political plan for bigots across the nation (St. Petersberg Times, emphasis mine):

“We’re sitting down and we’re waiting to die,” said John Ubele, a 28-year-old Shady Hills resident who calls himself a white separatist and has ties to two groups with similar views, the National Alliance and the National Vanguard. “We’re waiting to be wiped out.”

A stranger who ran into Ubele at a party might never discover his extremism. He is clean-cut and soft-spoken with no visible piercings or tattoos. He repairs windows for a living and likes his pancakes with butter-pecan syrup.

While he may not fit the profile of a political firebrand, Ubele has grand ambitions and a nationwide strategy.

If he can win a seat on the three-member Mosquito Control Board in the Nov. 7 general election – and the competition is stiff, partly because board members get $400 a month for attending just one meeting – Ubele wants to ride his political capital to the County Commission and perhaps the Governor’s Mansion after that.

There’s more. Ubele is using the Internet to mobilize other white separatists to run for office around the United States.

“Let’s make 2006 the year we explode onto the political scene,” he wrote on the Web site of the National Vanguard’s Tampa chapter. “Every other race has politicians in office which represent their interests. It’s time we have politicians to represent ours.”

The trouble for people like Ubele is that their bigotry and hatred comes seething out in the end no matter how skillfully they hide their ethical and intellectual failure, and its never pretty to watch.


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  1. “Bigots like PA use a particularly familiar rhetorical strategy. Pick your target (non white christian males), pick your audience (christian white males), and connect the two via a vulnerability. As much as possible, scrape the language clean of overt racism and stick to the meat of the issue, using it as a wedge to push your audience away from your target socially, economically, and politically. ”

    That statement is disturbing on many levels. One serious flaw to your logic is that you are so disconnected from real world scenarios that you play childish games with peoples lives on both sides. The U.S. worker that is struggling to survive and the Illegal immigrant that is doing the same only doing it while being exploited and oppressed. There is a bigger problem here that needs to be addressed and that is that funding from whatever source (U.S. taxpayers mainly) is being diverted to further oppress peoples on both sides of the funded, unbuilt fence. I could easily see the U.S. annexing Mexico but it would unlikely be beneficial for either country with politics as usual.

    Oh will I never be tired of Dan’s incessant and arbitrary use of term bigot? Like it is a beacon in the night to all that may wish the laws of the land to be enforced selectively. As though it were ok for Mexican Nationals to raise their flag over an inverted U.S. flag and to be labeled a bigot for any that may disagree.

    You wield the term like a scepter so as to deem it acceptable that the influx of exploited underpaid competition that undermines so many necessary employment opportunities for legitimate potential employees is nary a threat but rather yet another chance for name calling.

    You really need to get in the real world. Illegal immigration is illegal (that means against the law). Funding that leaves the country to assist in further illegal immigration is aiding and abetting criminal activity. That does not make me a bigot that makes me a casualty.

    Will you ever address the bigger issue of how Mexico should improve the standard of living in Mexico so the exodus will at least slow if not stop altogether? Or at the very least address the social and economic problems created by the illegal immigration invasion?

    But why should you care that I’ll be homeless soon because in part of the illegal immigration situation. As long as you can say “so what, he’s a bigot” it’s all ok.

  2. Michael D,
    As always, you bring a unique perspective to questions of bigotry.

    As far as the question of the economic impact of illegal immigration is a serious one, and it is a discussion we can have without the race baiting the far right engages in.

    Illegal immigration is illegal (that means against the law). Funding that leaves the country to assist in further illegal immigration is aiding and abetting criminal activity.

    Who is talking about funding illegal immigration? Seriously Michael, where do you get this stuff?

    Anyway, the point of this post is to point out how extremists identify and exploit actual problems and craftily insert themselves into the debate in a way that masks their intent. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think a guy who is explicitly running on a “white power” ticket, who is a member of storm front, just might qualify as a bigot.

  3. Oh. My bad.


  4. Heaven forbid a White man sticks up for White ideals and for the future of White children. Blacks have naacp, mexicans have lulac and the very racist laraza. why not bring up these racist organizations?? or is it your opinion that only White people are racist??

  5. flexn488,
    Organizations that preach superiority and racism are not to be mentioned in the same breath as organizations like the NAACP, which stand up for equal rights and preach equality.

    NCLR focuses on reducing discrimination, not increasing it.

    Or do you honestly expect anyone to believe that organizations like stormfront that talk about how the Jews control the world, and black people are criminals, are somehow fighting discrimination?

  6. You can’t reduce racial discrimination by discriminating by race; that defies logic.

  7. “The migrants’ influence comes with the massive amounts of money they send back home.”

    That statement by the way is “where I get this stuff”.

  8. Michael D,
    Oh wow, I actually totally misread your statement. For some idiotic reason, I thought you had were talking about the government funding illegal immigration, not money moving out of the country. My humble apologies.

  9. “For some idiotic reason”

    Perhaps not so idiotic when you consider that you and I have, umm, how should I say, some differing views. Makes for entertaining discussion if not enlightening don’t you think?

    Humble apologies accepted and thank you for being so considerate.

  10. It really was more of a brain fart.

    But I agree, I truly enjoy differing opinions and the debate that can grow out of them.

    (and sure thing).

  11. When will you people figure it out?

    I mean, how much more math do you have to do, anymore?

    Wasn’t 9/11 and the lies of Iraq enough? All this business about anti-Semitism and anti-Racism has been nothing but a big mind f–k on the American public to keep us divided and in the dark about these people from day-one!

    Think about the USS Liberty and all the other perfidies against America since. We are being snowed big-time and accusing White people of being “White Supremacists” is part and parcel of the whole game. Reject it people!

    I list out many of these Zionist’s perfidies here:

    Read it if you have a spine or brain left.

  12. bigots like PA are this country’s saving grace —- thank goodness for him as well as others like him!

  13. Obviously many hate what they fear. Are they afraid that what goes around comes around?

  14. ralfast,
    hahahahahaha. I’ve never thought of it that way.

  15. Funny, but true. IF you read their screeds, they talk about been victims and the future acts they describe are eerily similar to acts committed against the very groups they so hate and fear.


    Words like invasion and conquest come to mind. As if the Mexican-American War never happened.


    Rape, pillage and murder are always invoked. I wonder how all those brown babies in the 19th century came about? Oh yeah, slave masters would share a table, but they would surely share a bed or three.


    Banks and Hollywood…except I gots to wonder, who ever made a Birth of a Nation.

    And so on and so forth….

  16. “would not share a table”

  17. How many of the folks who hate the look of and stereotypes of others ever leave a reply that you can track back to? Looks like a lot of names that are anonymous and they have no blogs to follow up on.

    It appears they have little to say beyond the quick words they write here. Is there even more than one poster doing all of this? Are they (he/she) afraid of the reaction they’d get?

    I guess we’ll never know. My favorite is when folks write posts talking about “White” culture. I’m a Caucasian, European-American with cultural influences that go back to my Scottish, Welsh, German and Swedish ancestors! And in that order, thank you.

  18. rationalpsychic,
    Its pretty rare, but it does happen on occasion. John has commented on this blog.

    Some of these responses are so frothing mad responding seems a dubious proposition. Although ralfast’s simple correction is a hilarious commentary on the type of mind behind the nakedly racist comments. Constructing sentences must be a terrible strain for some people.

    I think, if I were to take a stab at the psychology behind it, its more a case of instant gratification. You read a post, find you disagree, and just want to air those frustrations immediately, without any care of what follow-ups might be. I imagine that’s common across the board, but who knows? That would be pure speculation on my part.

    Its also funny to think of culture as such an unchanging thing. I’m from Massachusetts, and there is a definite culture there, with everything from food to social norms. Cultures shift and change by nature. English culture has pieces from the many countries that invaded over the centuries, and so on. I can’t wait to see the cultural innovations we’ll have in the US 10 or 20 years from now.

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