Obama Wins Wisconsin!

Obama Wins! (Boston Globe):

MILWAUKEE — Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in today’s Wisconsin primary, showing a broad reach across Democratic constituencies, including many — such as women, lower-income families, and union households — that had been strongholds for Clinton in previous contests.

His opponents respond:

Obama’s projected victory, his ninth in a row, was quickly answered with twin attacks from opponents in both parties. John McCain, who declared that he will be the Republican nominee after beating Mike Huckabee in Wisconsin, dismissed Obama’s message as ‘‘an eloquent but empty call for change,’’

That’s it?  The man has policy proposals off into the sunset!  Is McCain that stumped for something clever and apt to say?

while Clinton launched her most aggressive critique yet on his preparedness for the presidency.

‘‘One of us is ready to be commander in chief in a dangerous world,’’ Clinton said at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

Oooh.  “They world is scary and mean, vote for me!”.  Next week Deval Patrick and Barack Obama will find out that McCain and Hillary share and advisor, and we can have another faux outrage fest.  Come on now, who’s excited?

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