More Police Brutality

More silence from the candidates.  Hat tip to reader mdking, who writes:

ABC has another. See for yourself.

She fell. Police say that’s how Angela Garbarino ended up with two black eyes, two broken teeth, a broken nose, and multiple bruises around her head, neck, and shoulders.

Here is the video:

Note: The video description cites the fair use section of US Copyright law.  It will be interesting to see if youtube removes this video as it has for another recent and controversial piece of evidence of police brutality.

mdking has more:

She was arrested in Shreveport, Louisiana in November of 2007 on suspicion of drunk driving. The video shows her with former Officer Wiley Willis. She is not particularly cooperative. He shuts off the camera. The camera comes back on; she’s on the floor pummeled and in a pool of her own blood.

He was fired. No criminal charges. Well, she’s charged.

While the video is rolling, we clearly see the officer slam her into the wall.  She is then shown hunched over in a chair.  The officer asks “You understand me?” and she replies “Yeah, I understand”.  That’s when he cuts the tape.

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