Police Abuse: Demand Answers

Is police abuse of authority here to stay?

If we want it to go, we need to be more active in fighting back. Those who support crooked cops aren’t taking time of from this fight (Via Pam):

Man, this bigot is busy. Besides being a racist (x2), homophobe and defender of intelligent design, Utah State Senator Chris Buttars has a solution for the plethora of incidents of taxpaying citizens tased for sh*ts and giggles by law enforcement officers who seem to have forgotten tactics to engage the public that fall somewhere between a civil conversation and unloading their weapon into them. (KUTV):

A new bill proposed at the legislature would allow for police to withhold misconduct reports from the public. Supporters of the bill believe that police misconduct should be kept secret from the public so to not discredit police testimony. Others say that a forthright police unit is essential to the community.

There’s video of the incident that spurred this:

A law to prohibit citizens from accessing evidence recorded using equipment paid for with public dollars, by public employees, who are entrusted with protecting the public. Genius. Republicans ought to be pretty damned ashamed of him. Citizens of all parties and no party, we need to unite in fighting efforts like his.

Pam asks:

People, what will it take to get this under control? In Tampa, Florida, a man paralyzed from the chest down was tossed out of his wheelchair by a law enforcement officer who didn’t believe Brian Sterner was a quadraplegic.
Can you believe this? Here is the video:
What it will take is for us to be relentless. Every time officers arrest us for attempting to record evidence, every time they use excessive force we must fight back.  We must demand our politicians stand up for our rights, and punish harshly those who help crooked officers stand on our necks. If you oppose police transparency and citizen rights, you should not be in office.
We also must challenge the media narrative. This is not a case of individual officers behaving badly. It is a systemic problem. What is at stake is not just the civil rights of the victims, but the civil rights of this entire nation.  The police ought to be a calming and reassuring presence in our neighborhoods, not a cause of fear.  We need to re-establish that trust, and this means rooting out the rotten officers even as we support the upstanding and ethical officers.
This is not just the fight of civilians, but one in which all citizens must join together to help the police return to their trust of serving and protecting the public.

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  1. ABC has another. See for yourself.

    She fell. Police say that’s how Angela Garbarino ended up with two black eyes, two broken teeth, a broken nose, and multiple bruises around her head, neck, and shoulders.

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