Virginia: Election Eve

Tomorrow my fellow Virginians head to the polls. Obama is the deserved favorite, and Arlingtonians for Obama will be celebrating just blocks from Hillary Clinton’s national headquarters. A win for Obama tomorrow will provide a huge rush of positive momentum for the campaign.

In the meantime, Obama is creating what has been called a rock-star like effect in his travels:

That kind of turnout happens when you both embody and speak truth and hope. (US of Jamerica):

From the Nation’s endorsement of Senator Obama:

While his rhetoric about “unity” can be troubling, it also embodies a savvy strategy to redefine the center of American politics and build a coalition by reaching out to independent and Republican voters disgruntled and disgusted with what the Bush era has wrought. Most important, we feel his candidacy, in its demonstrated investment in organizing and grassroots activism as well as his personal appeal, represents the best chance to forge a new progressive majority.

I’m sure Senator Clinton can win a general election, but there’s a much greater chance of the election being very close, which would leave Senator Clinton with very little room to negotiate. Obama offers us the possibility of landing a knock out blow.
I think we should take it.

And he offers hope. Not only of a new progressive majority, nor a decisive victory in November. He’s raising an army of politically active and vocal Americans everywhere he goes. Like much of America, I’m incredibly excited for tomorrow.

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