Republicans for Hillary?

National Review (via HuffPost):

Two More Democratic Votes in the VA Primary   [David Freddoso]

From a reader:

My wife and I have never voted for anything left of Republican, frequently voting on the Conservative party line when available.  Yet today, we both voted for Hillary in the VA primary.  Why?  Because it seems McCain has it wrapped up, so why waste our vote on the Republican side; she is a lot less scary than Obama in many ways (better the Devil you know), and I think she is more easily beaten with her high negatives and lack of charisma.  So we were part of the high Dem turn out today which I am sure you will hear about.  And there is no way we will ever vote Dem in November.

We live in a highly conservative precinct (Eric Cantor is our Congressman).  I saw many folks today picking up the Democratic ballot also.  I think my wife and I were far from alone in our thinking.

There is a lot of spin here.  I highly doubt that high Democratic turnout is largely Republican.  I’m sure, especially with a McCain vs Obama race, we’ll see a similar rush of energized Democrat voters against a backwash of reluctant Republicans.  I also would take this quote with just a grain of salt.  Weren’t Republicans voting for Obama in NH, because they couldn’t stand Mrs. Clinton?

One thing we can see, clearly, is that conservative opinion-makers aren’t exactly enchanted with their front runner.

Another?  Obama consistently polls ahead of McCain, whereas Clinton polls behind.  So there is a strategic explanation for such votes.


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  1. Helloooo I am a Republican who was unable to vote for Hillary in the Primary. I will vote for her in the general election(hopefully with Obama as the Vice-Presidential candidate) He has no street creds in the political sphere,too young, and REALLY has no clue about the powers that be that will come to the fore, overwhich he, and no one else has control, if he were to take office. Hillary knows what she can control, and what you can’t, and you actually need that experience to start the engine.(See well meaning Jimmy Carter.)
    Unless the Democrats beat themselves(not unusual,) there is no way any Republican can win.

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