Police Abuse: Candidate Silence

When will it be enough?  When will police abuse of power be recognized as an issue by the candidates, and addressed in a serious and systemic way?

Recently there seems to be a spate of such abuse, from the highly disturbing to the infuriating:

In case the YouTube video is removed, download the video file HERE. It can be played with VLC Player.

The best part is when he says, “You got that camera on? If I find myself on…” I can only assume he was going to say YouTube. And what if he had discovered he was being filmed? He probably would have erased the video or “lost” the phone, beaten the kids, and arrested them on trumped up charges. Of course, once they turned 18, their records would be expunged, and they would probably vote liberal/anti-cop the rest of their lives. This authoritarianism often backfires in the long run, and these videos are helping to speed up that process.

This is what a police state looks like.  Will anyone speak up? (Via Pandagon):

Hat tip to The Dark Wraith, who said:

When you’re finished watching the video of the strip search, go ask your favorite candidate of “hope” and “change” and all those other lies just exactly what he or she is going to do to end this rising nightmare of an authoritarian state.No, seriously. Don’t find some reason why your choice for Heir to Empire is not responsible. He or she is. They all want to lead this country? Then let them explain precisely how they plan to lead it away from this mess.

Ask those Democrats and Republicans running for office when enough will be enough. Ask them when they plan to stop spewing their sweet little nothings. Ask them if they will vow to their very God or perhaps even to that piece of paper we call the Constitution of the United States of America to take upon themselves the enormous task of putting every monster of this spreading blackness of sovereign violence—from George W. Bush and Dick V. Cheney all the way down to the very last, badge-wearing jackboot on the beat—into prison to rot.

Its hard watching videos like these, to keep from putting your fist right through the monitor.  At one point the officer-bully scolds his victim, telling the child he is disrespecting the officer’s badge and department.  Any officer of the law, charged with serving and protecting the public, who behaves this way…  That officer is disrespecting his badge, indicting his department and undermining the trust his profession needs to function.  Officer Salvatore Rivieri should have been fired, and his department investigated to determine how such an officer so unfit to serve remained in duty, and how widespread abuse like this was, both in his own service and in his department.

So how about it.  Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton.  Mike Huckabee.  John McCain.  What is your stance on our Police State?


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  1. I agree completely. It is getting complety out of hand.

    This clip is a doozy. It happened in the Stark County (Northeast Ohio) Jail.

  2. Officer Fat-ass needs to find a new line of work.

  3. Well to be honest I think that _dude_ displayed the perfect amount of verbal judo. I mean, he really rendered that kid defenseless. In fact, I think that kid had a super stealth WMD in that skateboard. It’s a good thing we have people like that _dude_ to take care of the scary and destructive skater punks in this world…

    I’m glad I didn’t grow up with that tool as a father.


    [Edit: Added a ‘w’ to the URL to make the link work]

  4. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here. The officer was definitely overzealous. His irritation was certainly misplaced in this instance. But he didn’t seem like he was abusing power. It seemed like he took these kids as disrespectful punks who were trying to blow him off.

    There are kids much worse than the ones here who probably make his job a pain in the ass or even dangerous in some cases. I think there is a lack of respect for authority that is growing among young people. You wouldn’t call a judge dude or the president dude. And in my opinion you shouldn’t call a police officer that either.

    The only thing he really did wrong was man-handle the kid. The rest is just his misinterpretation of the kids reactions and his somewhat outdated ideas about how kids should act.

  5. I didn’t watch the other videos. I’m know there are much worse things that are going on. I just think this one isn’t that earth-shaking.

  6. @Marco: pfft…what did that officer do to earn respect? honestly, purely because he’s wearing a badge? if he’s going to demand respect of the people he’s screaming at, he better provide that same level of respect. the people i respect in this world have earned it. it’s time that cops and govt. officials start showing some respect for the public rather than providing the old time notion that “we know whats best”.

    also, law enforcement types should, _never_ place a hand on someone without just cause. the kid holding the skateboard, while extremely threatening to the establishment, should _never_ have been touched. if he was holding a gun, hell even a pea shooter, it would make more sense. under these circumstances, it makes none.

  7. The police department may not take that officer off the job, but nature will. Recruiting that much angst and rage for a few middle schoolers? Come on. The DUDE is prime for a massive stroke.

  8. I think I agreed that he shouldn’t have touched the kid.

    I think I agreed that he over reacted to this situation.

    But a police officer is taking on a tremendous amount of responsibility in our society. Any other entity in government is able to establish it’s authority through threat of prosecution. But that only works if the police are able to function. They can only function if they are granted the respect of their position. We are asking them to keep us safe from the undesirables. We’re asking them to reign in chaos. That demands a certain amount of respect from us. It also requires that they sometimes come down on people who aren’t in line.

    And how is that too much to ask? I don’t wanna wrestle crackheads in the subway for little to no pay. Do you? I’ll let him do it and if all he wants is to be called “Officer”, I can get behind that.

    I repeat, he shouldn’t have touched the kid. Other than that all he did was give some (perceived) punks a dressing down to try and scare them into straightening up a little. That is the least of the leeway that is given to an officer of the peace to do his job. There are a lot of stupid and/or dangerous people out there. I don’t want cops abusing power. But neither do I want them afraid to do their job because they’re getting mixed in with more serious offenses against the people.

    Don’t skateboard where you shouldn’t and take your headphones off when a cop’s talking to you. You should be fine.

  9. @marco: but i like my music.
    I will concede that the police do have a tough job. but i still feel strongly that to get respect, you have to earn it…not just by being in a position. there is a point when the cop crosses the line.

    while the kid should have listened to him and paid attention, the cop started yelling at him nearly as soon as the conversation started. or maybe, if the kid couldn’t hear him because of music, the cop should have gone to the kid and asked him to take his headphones off.

    the way the cop started the conversation set the tone for the whole thing.

  10. found this in a late night search for more info on this story.

  11. I agree with Tim, they don’t post the IP addresses but you know that all of the posts that support the fat bully pig are his other fellow pigs or maybe even Salvatore Rivieri himself since he is on paid vacation until the union can get him reinstated. Also note that his mother attempted to file a complaint and was REFUSED by BPD. Salvatore Rivieri will find it hard to pay his mortgage at: [REMOVED. DO NOT POST HIS ADDRESS] Once he is terminated and his family members: [REMOVED. DO NOT POST HIS FAMILY MEMBERS] are most likely very embarrassed by Salvatore Rivieri’s actions. Also important to note that a new video of Salvatore Rivieri acting abusive has surfaced and is being shown on another TV station, and the menacing 14 year old was also diabetic. Salvatore Rivieri if you are reading this, I hope we meet someday, I’ll show you how much respect I have for fat 40 year old slobs who ride around in golf carts and bully 125 pound 14 year old diabetic kids.

    [EDITED: Are you kidding me? Posting his home address and the names of his family members is reprehensible.]

  12. Fitness, for heavens sake, remove the above comment.

    Posting the address of anyone on the internet is a clear incitement to violence.

  13. Oh shit. I didn’t see it. Good call. Thanks Rafael!

  14. What a douchebag. Funny how it is these cops always seem to find that rage with people smaller than them.

    Marco, I understand your points, but knowing as many cops and correctional officers as I do? They bring their own power issues to the job, the job – at best – just exacerbates them.

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  17. Macro, police officer’s jobs are hard, but THEY ARE NOT DANGEROUS.

    The 10 most dangerous jobs in america, by rate of death, DO NOT INCLUDE POLICEMEN.

    It is more dangerous to be a FARMER, TAXI DRIVER, or FISHERMAN, than it is a police officer.

    Look it up.

    They treat everyone the way they do using the danger of their job as an excuse, but the fact of the matter is — my trash man faces greater risks.

  18. Its certainly okay to acknowledge that there are people employed as law enforcement officers that do good. (A few of them, anyway.) Good to have them around for emergencies, and investigate crimes.

    But we need to let go of this childish, ignorant assumption that somehow cops are all that stand in the way of incredible danger to the populace. A tiny percentage of cops EVER stop crime in its tracks, saving a little old lady from a murderous thugs. On the whole, people tend to do pretty well managing their daily affairs.

    Having fat, self-important fucks running around with guns and badges contributes more violence than not to society. What makes me sick about this idiot cop is his clear belief he somehow gets to dictate morality to some kid he doesn’t even know. Cops SHOULD be around to protect the peace, help in emergencies, fires, etc. The problem is this quasi-militaristic, get in the citizenry’s face and offer a morality play crap.

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