McCain’s Skeleton: Dineh-Navajo Human Rights

This looks bad for the “maverick” Senator (TPM via Suzie-Q):

McCain was the architect of laws that violated the human and civil rights of the Dineh-Navajo in Arizona.  The activities were condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission.  This is a skeleton in his closet which, if it ever sees the light of day, could result in jeopardizing his run for the White House.

Let’s take a look in that closet:

What’s amazing to me is that he’s gotten away with it thus far, misleading the public that he’s supportive of the American Indians.  Ironically, he was instrumental in organizing a phony tribal counsel which gave rise to false claims contesting the right of Dineh-Navajo to occupy lands they’d farmed for 500 years, which phony counsel of fake “Hopi” have been testifying year after year before the Senate as McCain authored bills to dispossess the Dineh-Navajo, without any testimony allowed by the actual owners of the farmlands.  Just happens their lands are atop the largest Coal deposits in Arizona.

Sadly, thousands of the Dineh-Navajo have died just being relocated, and many have been forced to live on a Nuclear Waste superfund site, as a result of McCain’s conspiracy with the Coal and Power companies (Peabody Group and Bechtel/Mohave).

Ugly stuff.  Wonder if he’ll address it on his Rove advised (via Pandagon) straight talk express.


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  1. Those who claim to be Americans don’t have any respect for the land or its people.

  2. The Dineh Navajo scandal is, sadly, one of a growing list of federal land deals engineered by Sen. McCain for the benefit of wealthy special interests, who invariably turn out to be campaign contributors.

    There are now some half dozen such land scandals swirling around McCain, and I suspect that before the campaign is over, someone in the national media will be smart enough to connect the dots.

    The Watergate break-in took place in June, 1972, but remained a local curiousity in Washington until after the November election, before the national media began to look into it in any detail. They didnt have the internet, or America might have been spared two years of corruption, scandal, and chaos. Perhaps we can avoid a sorry future by just putting together the bits we’ve already know, and deciding not to go down that road again….

  3. I am in the beginning stages of making a documentary about the Dineh Navajo scandal. If anyone is interested in helping please contact me.

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