McCain: No You Can’t

Hot on the heals of discovering one McCain satire music video, I find another one at WriteChic Press:

Barely Political put this parody together today with the help of the extraordinary Lee Stranahan and Alan Bernhoft. It’s edgier than the parody put out by the LA comics.

It makes its point with a lot more power:

This will be something to refer back to in the general election.

  • Can I get affordable health care?
  • Can I use medical marijuana if I’m in pain?
  • Can I pay my mortgage?
  • Can I get married if I’m Gay?
  • Can I come home from Iraq?

With John McCain as President you know the answer, if not the reason why: “No You Can’t“.


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  1. Kay in Maine aka WhiteNoiseInsanity is no friend to Barack Obama.

    On her blog on January 24 she called him “republican-lite.”

    “(Hillary, Obama, Edwards) are nothing but republican-lite.”

    proof: “”

    On January 26 she called Obama a “warmonger.”

    “…warmongers such as Stallone, McCrazy, Edwards, Hillary, Romney, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Obama, Guiliani, and others who keep wars going and continue to fund them even though they know the “war” is now an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation?”

    proof: “”

    It is quite possible she will remove the above posts because of her unflattering assessment of Obama, but the proof and original postings have been documented here: “”/

    Make no mistake, Kay is no friend to any Obama supporter or anyone else, for that matter.

  2. lookingout(4)you,
    Kay is both a friend and an ally. She can support who she supports, her words and positions are both honorable and sharp.

    Her point, that the candidates refuse to use the power of the purse, is a valid one, and presents a problem with every candidate running for higher office. For my own part, I think it wise and prudent to critique the candidates we support, and confront their weakpoints rather than attempt to wash over them.

    I’m making no mistakes at all. Kay is a friend.

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