Super Divided Tuesday

Results! (Via ODIM)


Huckabee is back in, meeting Romney at a tie for second place.  McCain has a dominating majority, but not enough to avoid a brokered convention.

McCain: 485

Romney: 192

Huckabee: 130

Clinton has a lead over Obama, but not enough to avoid a brokered convention.  It is a lead, but not a commanding one.

Clinton: 506

Obama: 420

Its interesting to look at the number of states each candidate won:

McCain: 9

Romney: 6

Huckabee: 5

Clinton: 8

Obama: 13

Both parties heading into a brokered convention is both historic and telling.  One has to wonder to what extent people are fed up with their choices, and to what extent people are genuinely split.  This country wants to go in some pretty divergent directions.  The man who ran on being a “uniter, not a divider” has left this country beyond the polarization of party lines.  He has left each great house of American politics a house divided.

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