Huckabee’s Two Man Race With Reality


Reality is beating the pants off Huckabee in a two man race (NYTimes):

“You know, over the past few days a lot of people have been trying to say that this is a two-man race,” he told his supporters in a suburb of Little Rock, Ark. “Well, you know what? It is. And we’re in it!”

Don’t get me wrong.  That’s a great quote.  The problem is it doesn’t even come close to the reality of the race.  Romney is still ahead of Huckabee, having pulled off wins in more states, and garnering more delegates.  McCain’s startling lead makes Huckabee’s position seem almost nonexistent by comparison.  So who does Huckabee fancy himself in a two man race with?  Mitt Romney for the honor of runner up?


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  1. Well if he is in a two man race for the VP slot, that would make sense, but we know Lieberman is going to get that one.

  2. i’ll cry if Lieberman becomes VP. unless he finally comes out of the closet as a Whiny Repoderate, like McCain.
    that said, I want McCain to win the nomination

    and I really like those last two lines… snippy but true 🙂

  3. The logic, by the way, of Romney’s departure and Huckabee’s staying is that the upcoming states are better for Huckabee. Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Texas … Southern states.

    Romney knew that if he stayed in, he’d pay another $10 million + and wind up in third place. It’s a tough road for the Huckabee camp, but not over.

  4. I heard HuckaBible say the strangest thing yesterday.

    “I didn’t major in math: I majored in miracles.”

    WTF? Am I the only one that thinks HuckaBible is certifiable?

  5. Nope, he is full of it, but it ain’t miracles!

  6. ralfast,
    I don’t think so. McCain needs to fill in his gaps. I expect a vp with solid conservative credentials.

    Sally Jane,
    I don’t think you’ll need to cry.

    That makes a lot of sense actually. I think he could succeed with a brokered convention where Ron Paul’s ambition failed.

    Christopher, not the only one.

  7. I would agree, if McCain’s reasoning was logical, and the party may force him to accept old Huck, but he had to promise Looserman something in order for him to go on the campaign trail with him. And its not love of cheese!

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