Huckabee’s Two Man Race With Reality


Reality is beating the pants off Huckabee in a two man race (NYTimes):

“You know, over the past few days a lot of people have been trying to say that this is a two-man race,” he told his supporters in a suburb of Little Rock, Ark. “Well, you know what? It is. And we’re in it!”

Don’t get me wrong.  That’s a great quote.  The problem is it doesn’t even come close to the reality of the race.  Romney is still ahead of Huckabee, having pulled off wins in more states, and garnering more delegates.  McCain’s startling lead makes Huckabee’s position seem almost nonexistent by comparison.  So who does Huckabee fancy himself in a two man race with?  Mitt Romney for the honor of runner up?


Super Divided Tuesday

Results! (Via ODIM)


Huckabee is back in, meeting Romney at a tie for second place.  McCain has a dominating majority, but not enough to avoid a brokered convention.

McCain: 485

Romney: 192

Huckabee: 130

Clinton has a lead over Obama, but not enough to avoid a brokered convention.  It is a lead, but not a commanding one.

Clinton: 506

Obama: 420

Its interesting to look at the number of states each candidate won:

McCain: 9

Romney: 6

Huckabee: 5

Clinton: 8

Obama: 13

Both parties heading into a brokered convention is both historic and telling.  One has to wonder to what extent people are fed up with their choices, and to what extent people are genuinely split.  This country wants to go in some pretty divergent directions.  The man who ran on being a “uniter, not a divider” has left this country beyond the polarization of party lines.  He has left each great house of American politics a house divided.

Sounds of Rumi

Tonight I attended a Sufi musical performance in the district:

Roya Bahrami ( performed a full recital on the Persian hammered dulcimer santur along with vocals accompanied by Jon Seligman on world percussion.  The music presented were selections from Ms. Bahrami’s recently released album, ‘Roya’, which featured all her original compositions as well as improvisations in traditional Persian modes inspired by the timeless wisdom of Persian Sufi poets Rumi and Hafez as well as the Persian roots of flamenco.

Sometimes I love living near DC.

McCain’s Anti-War Crowd

File this under “whuh?” (Huffpost):

John McCain hasn’t exactly been vague on where he stands on the War in Iraq. He’s not just for it, he wants to have it for one hundred years, and he basically wants to be credited with being the biggest supporter of the “Surge” and General Petraeus. Along the way, he’s painted his primary opponent, Mitt Romney as a timetable-loving, war hero dissing, coddler of Islamic extremists. No one should have any doubts about the extent to which McCain wants to mong himself some wars. Yet, in an exit poll analysis conducted by CNN’s Bill Schneider, anti-war Republicans haven’t seemed to have gotten the memo:

Among those Republicans who disapprove of the war, nearly half voted for McCain, while only a quarter voted for Mitt Romney — even though McCain spent the past few weeks trying to portray Romney as more liberal on the war.

I don’t get it.  Is it a joke?  Or are the Republicans (who make such a big deal about security) actually more concerned with other things?