Allowing Rape: Massachusetts Hostage to Old Laws

Dear Massachusetts,

An old law that is absolutely unjust cannot be upheld by the courts.  The SJC’s recent decision has left me ashamed for the state I was born and raised in:

Prosecutors say they cannot press rape charges against a pharmacist who allegedly posed as a gynecologist and examined two women because of a half-century old state law that says an assault can’t be considered rape if consent is obtained through fraud or deceit.

“half-century” makes the law sound positively ancient.  For perspective, that’s the 1950’s.  Just before the civil rights act.  Here’s a question: if a law stating it was ok to beat someone to near death (if they were “colored”) was still on the books, would that prevent you from prosecuting?

Massachusetts, the decision of your highest court has enabled rape.

Springfield police Sgt. John Delaney said he hopes the decision to drop the charges against Creanza will not have a chilling effect on rape victims.

“We can’t be discouraged nor do we want victims to be discouraged when they come forward and something like this happens,” Delaney said.

That is fucking wishful thinking.  Decisions like this will have a huge chilling effect on rape victims.  And it opens a hellish door for rapists that ought to be slammed shut on their dicks.

This is a miscarriage of justice that will rightly tarnish the reputation of the state of Massachusetts.

(hat tip Ann)

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