New York Times Columnist Has A Problem with White Women

Via MAJeff: Crooks and Liars:

The neocon warmonger speaks. With Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton locked in a very good battle leading up to Super Tuesday, Kristol makes this misogynistic quote:

BILL KRISTOL: Look the only people for Hillary Clinton are the Democratic establishment and white women… it would be crazy for the Democratic party to follow the establishment that’s led them to defeat year after year… White Women are a problem – but, you know… we all live with that…

Yeah, white women, with their voting against good waspy American values.  Damn their eyes!

Maybe the left is being to hard on Kristol:

Are you still happy NY Times?

Dave Manatt  from Politics TV says:

Where to begin? I’m no paleo-feminist — and the attacks on Obama and Kennedy by NOW et. al. have only re-enforced every stereotype about them – but this FOX moment is just solid sexism at its worst. (I doubt Bill Kristol would laugh at jokes about necon/Likkud supporters being a “problem” the same way)…

Then the panelists – Williams… One of the panel “liberals”, who of course infamously has faced sexual harassment charges in the 90s while working at the Washington Post. The other “liberal” on the panel and only woman, Mara Laison said… nothing. Hey NOW — how about going after her???

Finally, there is the matter of accuracy. Kristol wants to perpetuate the myth of the “loser Democrats”. Hmmm, Bill. Where were you in the 06 midterms? Looks like his neocon bunker mentality won’t thaw until election day.

Maybe he’s just saying he can’t understand why brown sugar tastes so good?

In the end it doesn’t really matter.  Dava Manatt is wrong.  Kristol’s bunker mentality won’t thaw, ever.  The Iraq war debacle didn’t send him scrambling for humble pie.  It left him with a posh assignment at one of the top news organizations in the world.  This little sexist quip should guarantee him some kinda ambassadorship in the McCain/Rudy Whitehouse.

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