McCain: What is the TimesOnline Smoking?

Tony Allen-Mills has gotten into the Skull and Bones pantry, and found George W Bush’s private stash.  His article on the far rights reaction to John McCain’s surging lead is racked with bullshit:

Yet much has changed for the maverick senator from Arizona since his pivotal victory in last Tuesday’s Florida primary.

He starts off by referring to the Senator as a maverick.  Aside from echoing a quote from the uber trustworthy Rush  Limbaugh, there is no reason at all to make this claim.  In fact perpetuating the maverick myth just drives home how biased the media can be:

Gone was the air of moderation. In its place, outlandish statements and strange decisions spilled from the candidate. “I’ve always supported overturning Roe v. Wade”? Full-bore support of the Iraq war and the troop surge? Getting progressively chummier with the Bush administration? Giving the commencement address at evangelist reactionary Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University? Wasn’t this the guy that in 2000 condemned people like Falwell as “agents of hate”? What was going on?

Tony’s article reinforces this with the disingenous questions of the right:

The question for many of Bush’s former allies was: what kind of Republican is John McCain? Indeed, is he a Republican at all?

No Republican is honestly asking that question.  But what are the differences that make McCain such a non-starter for conservatives? (Emphasis mine)

Yet it is also clear that over the decades McCain’s trenchant independent streak has alienated many in his party. He has championed restraints on campaign fundraising, denying Republicans a long-held advantage. He has opposed tax cuts that conservatives regard as sacred.

Then there is his sympathy for illegal immigrants who work hard and pay their taxes in the hope of achieving citizenship: McCain regards them as potential assets, while his critics dismiss them as criminals. He has also upset senatorial colleagues by taking aim at their cherished home state projects – so-called “pork barrel” spending.

Actually the Democrats have been out-raising the Republicans by an embarrassing margin.  His sympathy for illegal immigrants and position on taxes might not be as independent as Tony and other media outlets would have us believe.  Even if he did not buy into the rabidly anti-immigrant policies on the right, that just aligns him with the pro-corporation wing of the party rather than the nativist sect.  Still Republican.

But for me, the real kicker came later in Tony’s article (emphasis mine):

All this encouraged Ann Coulter, a glamorous conservative media icon, to declare last week that she would vote for Clinton rather than McCain.

What is this guy on?


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  1. I think we can charitably describe this article as a sloppy blowjob for John McCain.

  2. Whatever it is I hope its not contagious or airborne.

  3. I happen to like sloppy blow jobs.

  4. Well this rapidly went to a bad place.

  5. It could be worse?

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