Blogroll Amnesty Day

Via Bluegal, today is blogroll amnesty day. This means finding smaller blogs that link to you (that you do not yet link to), and offering them a little attention. I used Technorati as a very rough measure of blog size.

Fitness for the Occasion is a small blog itself, so even as I’m writing this I wonder if I’ll make it to 5 blogs.

Turns out, I’ve ended up with 3.

Podblack Blog:

Its always exciting to find someone who links to you. The thrill is exponential when you realize that it is a person of stunning intelligence, with interesting and important things to say. Podblack cat offers takes on education, religion, atheism and politics, mixing in charming “cat breaks” and the occasional post on the sublimely odd. An intellectual and ethical ally: highly recommended.


Start reading. Now. Not quite so frequently updated, but chock full of well written and entertaining soliloquys on art, propaganda, and the difficult questions we pass over in daily life (and what they mean).

Complex System of Pipes:

He quotes Chomsky with a careful precision, and without much effort I came across this post, which I’ve now bookmarked to come back to and digest. The word activist is heavy with meanings earned and endured. Dave is helping refine it into something sharp, and has invited us along for the ride.

I’ll be adding all three to my blogroll proudly.

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