Farewell Edwards


Your run for President had its moments of frustration and triumph, and ultimately, some despair.

You’ve dropped out, and left the race without a fully liberal candidate anywhere near the top.  Its no wonder Nader is making noises again.

Newsweek has already hit the floor with an awkward and sweaty eulogy.  They use the word “crazy” about 500 times in a 500 word article.  Subtle.  But John Edwards wasn’t remotely crazy.  He was a sane man running on the platform he should have run on in 2004, and saying things this country needs to hear.

I truly hope this is not the end for Edwards in public life.  Both he and his wife share a remarkable courage and will to fight, and the world is better off for their efforts.  I wish the Edwards family well, and send my warmest thanks and positive energy their way.

Now the task turns, painfully, to figuring out who to support.  I am already leaning towards Obama (as anyone who reads this space already knows).  In the coming days I’ll dig a bit deeper to see what I do and do not like about the candidate.

The graphic is from Obama’s campaign site, and although Hillary also had some nice parting words, it was good to see that Barack’s site admin featured the farewell prominently on the page.


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  1. My heart goes out to Mrs. Edwards and the whole family. Of course he still has delegates, question is, which way are they going to go.

  2. Even those of us who support other candidates owe John Edwards a lot for forcing other candidates to adopt progressive platforms. I hope he continues to advocate for the interests of the poor and working class, after all, we still have a lot of work to do.

  3. Peculiar time to depart the race but I’m hearing Edwards just ran out of money and since his populist message never really caught on, it had become impossible for Edwards to raise the necessary donations to compete with Obama and the Borg Queen.

    I’m also hearing that Illinois Dems are quietly mentioning Edwards name as AG in an Obama administration. I think this would be a splendid match.

  4. ralfast,
    I’m also wondering that. I’m guessing Obama will get a lot of them, but who is to say really? (Especially if Edwards endorses someone).

    Thanks. I also hope he continues to be a strong advocate.

    That would be incredibly exciting news!

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