Romanticizing The Womanizer

Do we tend to romanticize the image of the man who lied to women on a large scale?  Yes (emphasis mine):

In a cluster of lawsuits gathered up by The Associated Press, the former chief financial officer of health insurance giant WellPoint Inc. is depicted as a corporate Casanova _ a world-class, love-’em-and-leave-’em sort of guy who romanced dozens of women around the country simultaneously, made them extravagant promises and then went back on his word with all the compassion of a health insurance company denying a claim.

What, exactly, is world-class about love-’em and leave-’em?  In the descriptions, alongside the facts and scandal, merits of the lawsuits and string of related corporate malfeasance, is a distinctive undertone of admiration for the idea, if not the man.

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